All About Pure Essential Oil, Miracle Ingredients From the Earth

Pure essential oil has become the height of every natural and organic store, with these earthly ingredients found in just about most beauty products. Despite its rising popularity, it has been used for centuries dating back to 3500 BC, when Egyptians utilise pure essential oil concoctions for medicine, beauty regimes, and religious purposes. With its slight fragrance and aroma, it is no wonder why it is used in so many different things such as lotions, massage treatments, bath products, candles, and even more. Taken from the Earth’s most precious inventions, the pure essential oil is nature’s gift made in its truest form. Let’s dive deep to discover the raw beauty, list of applications, and examples of why pure essential oil is a treasured staple for every home.

What is Pure Essential Oil? 

Pure essential oil is a raw and natural liquid that is processed to be more concentrated and more potent than the original source. They are commonly found in flowers, plants, and nuts and made through the labourious process of cold pressing or distillation. The liquid is extracted to uncover a magical ingredient full of its individual personality and powers, highly beneficial for anyone using it. The extraction process differs – flowers are obtained through their petals, and citrus are obtained through their peels. They have an aroma that creates a calming effect on the body, but it is important to note that pure essential oil is different from perfume extracts. Despite its incredible benefits, it is highly important to dilute the pure essential oil with a carrier extract. This is because when it is used alone, it can cause side effects, especially for those with highly sensitive skin. Therefore, you must handle these raw ingredients with care. When you combine it with a carrier, it is ready for use, with many applications from beauty recipes to aromatherapy concoctions. The best example of a pure essential oil includes lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, and eucalyptus. From bath treatments to do-it-yourself candle making, these ingredients are the perfect addition to your household. 

What Are The Uses of A Pure Essential Oil? 

Pure essential oil can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in aromatherapy through lighting candles or in a diffuser, creating relaxing surroundings in your environment. It can be used as a fragrance to add a slight warming aroma to the room. This scent can overall help your mood, whether to energize, calm down nerves or make you sleepy for bedtime. It can be used in personal care products ranging from skincare to haircare as an ingredient. Pure essential oil can be used for cleaning products, adding fragrance, and getting rid of grime. With all this great list of applications, it is a precious organic ingredient to add to your cupboard. Essential oil includes lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, and eucalyptus. From bath treatments to do-it-yourself candle making, these ingredients are the perfect addition to your household.

How Do You Dilute a Pure Essential Oil? 

As mentioned in the last few sections, it is imperative to dilute a pure essential oil before use. This dilution ensures your skin doesn’t react negatively, so you receive the best benefits from the extract. When alone, pure essential oils evaporate, meaning they are not able to sink into the skin. A pure essential oil carrier must combine with extracts, different butters, alcohols, waxes, or other diluting ingredients before use. Carrier extracts have more of a staying power, allowing the body to absorb all the nutrients from both the carrier and pure essential oil. The carrier works to ‘carry’ the extract, serving as the base for all do-it-yourself aromatherapy recipes. Examples of carrier extracts include jojoba, olive, macadamia, sunflower, avocado, and much more. Although the dilution ratio depends on the pure essential oil used and the product that will be made, DIY recipes need a 1-5% dilution. Those who are just beginning to use these ingredients should look up recipes before making their concoctions. For those with sensitive skin, every drop of pure essential oil, it is best to add half of a teaspoon of the carrier extract for patch testing. In this way, you will get the most out of the benefits!

What Are Some Wonderful Examples of a Pure Essential Oil? 


Yes, it is one of the core ingredients of most teas, and for a good reason! Chamomile has had a history of relaxing many people, known as the perfect remedy to a good night’s sleep. There are two different kinds of these flowers – German and Roman. German is one of the higher quality chamomile flowers with its high amount of chamazulene, which is beneficial to your wellbeing. There are various benefits offered with chamomile ranging from anti-anxiety, reducing cold symptoms, lowering inflammations, and many more. 


Lemon is known for its energetic properties, giving you a more vibrant mood. It is highly popular among commercial cleaning products, finding the ingredient in most cleaning items found in the shops. Most citrus pure essential oils have all the properties and benefits of the fruit enhanced – zesty and bright. 



Lavender is one of the best natural ingredients out there for those looking for an instant nap. It contains camphor, eucalyptol, linalool, and linalyl acetate, making it one of the most highly beneficial pure essential oil out there. With this extensive list of ingredients, it holds many benefits, including its calming properties and ability to enhance your immune system. It is anti-everything, calming down inflammation, anxiety, bacteria, viruses, microbes, and so many more advantages. Despite all these claims, it is highly important to test before use to see if it works with your skin.

Sweet Orange 

Just by one tiny smell, sweet orange with lift all your spirits up! Like most citrus sources, it is the happy extract making your mood a whole lot sweeter. It is the perfect pure essential oil to get you pumped for the day, whether you are going to work, staying at home, or ready to go out. It gives you all the energy you need. Studies show it can ease pulse rates, calm down your nerves, and give you a positive mood boost. 

Tea Tree 

One of Australia’s finest natural sources, the tea tree has been used for centuries. Indigenous Australians had used the leaves as a core ingredient to healing remedies from treating wounds, skin issues to cold systems from coughs and sore throats. It is thought to be highly beneficial in killing off viruses, getting rid of oral bacteria for as long as a fortnight. It has also been used for hair in reducing dandruff and as a lice treatment. Keep in mind that while tea tree extract may improve your wellbeing, it is highly important to see a medical professional regarding any health concerns you have. 

Ylang Ylang 

Ylang Ylang comes from its flower, known in aromatherapy, to get rid of stress and tension, giving your body the ultimate relaxation. Its gentle floral fragrance eases any ounce of anxiety in the body, lowering your blood pressure. It has also been claimed to improve recalling memories and enhance your thinking abilities. It has also been highly beneficial for the skin, being used for massage treatments and skincare recipes.