10 Factors to Choose a Courier Company

With so many courier companies around, choosing the best may be quite a hassle. Besides, a lot offer fewer fees for their services but they may end up delivering your package to the wrong address or even damaged.

Considering how important the package or item you intend to transport through courier is, you need the best courier company.

Usually, most people consider the price the courier company would charge before using their services. You need your package to arrive safely, right? Then consider these factors before you choose a courier company.

Insurance in courier

It’s essential to the insurance policies covering the logistics company. Now, it is not advisable to ship items through courier agencies with no backup insurance, as nobody can tell what could happen next. So, using a company that ensures your package is necessary.

Customer Service

A company that does not have good customer service should be avoided, especially as a courier or shipping company. Ensure you look for couriers that have excellent and responsive customer service.


Firstly, look out for a courier or shipping company that offers affordable and quality services. Nobody enjoys paying for services not used. At the same time paying a very low price, it might come with poor services.


You must ensure that the courier you want to use has a reputation for swift deliveries. This could be gotten from reviews and testimonials.


A courier company must be flexible with its services and cost. They must be able to change and deliver swiftly if the order changes for you and the recipient. In most cases, altering the delivery while the package is in transit may incur extra costs. But some courier companies charge exorbitant prices for this.


If you have friends that have used a courier or shipping company’s services, then you need to ask them about their experience. That way, the friend’s experience would let you know what to expect. Besides, their various reviews about courier and shipping companies. Read those reviews to get more details.


Top courier services receive accreditations from the local and international regulating agencies. Besides, that way you would give you some peace when you hand over your package for them to deliver.

Expertise and Experience

There is no harm in checking how long the courier or shipping company has been in business. A courier company that has been around for a while wouldn’t want to spoil its reputation. Therefore, an experienced courier or shipping company will be careful to keep a good record.


Now, you make sure that the courier you intend to use uses technological devices that enable proper monitoring and tracking of products.

Areas of concentration

Depending on the item you want to ship or transport, there are some couriers or shipping that specialize in certain deliveries. However, there are some general services courier or shipping companies too. 


Finally, ensure that your preferred courier or shipping company has all these qualities outlined here. However, Convelio is a superb courier company. In summary, get a tax exemption for my company for buying artwork.

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