The backyard is often located behind the house and hidden from prying eyes, which is why some owners simply arrange there a warehouse of unnecessary things or plant beds. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, the tendency for an arrangement of the house exterior as a recreation area is gaining momentum. We all are tired at work, so when we return home we should allow ourselves to relax. 

So how to choose the appropriate design for the backyard and what ideas should you pay attention to? Find the answers below.

Best ideas for backyard design in 2021

  • Multifunctional courtyard

Today, the upcoming trend includes zoning of the backyard for children and parents. So, for adults, you can arrange a patio on a wooden or stone ledge, and for children, leave an area covered with grass with a variety of playsets, as the Parasol company suggests.

The playground can also be decorated with lawn-covered earth mounds. This way children will be happy to romp about, perform tumbles and enjoy the rest in the backyard. To use the space rationally, it is worthwhile to install benches with storage for toys, warm blankets, or barbecue tools.

  • Japanese style with pond

In this style, the pond is not a desire, but a must. Usually, this is the object which influences other design solutions. The pond is decorated with stones, bridges, and usually leads to a gazebo. There should be a lot of greenery around them – junipers, lemongrass, rhododendron, and dwarf pine.

The Japanese style is quite complex in design and equipment, but nevertheless, it’s perfect for relaxation. Such a courtyard evokes philosophical thoughts and gives peace of mind.

  • Woodland garden

Many backyard owners want to turn it into a fabulous garden in English style. The English style assumes maximum naturalness. The area should look as if the person’s hand never touched it. This means smooth lines, lack of asymmetry, meandering paths, and rough landscape. Plants are usually placed in tiers: first, grass and flowers, then shrubs and trees.

Landscaping in this case should be composed only of natural materials – stones for the road, wooden benches, or rattan furniture. And for the garden itself, it is better to choose unusual plantings – arrowwood, pink-flowering astilbe, boxwood, juniper, barberry, and all kinds of flowers.

And don’t forget the cozy lighting!

  • Dream of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style is a harmonious mix of Greek and Roman styles, which are abundant in stone: marble chips, sea pebbles, and simply untreated boulders. It’s usually associated with a mountainous coastline, so it is recommended to place various elevations – stairs, retaining walls, or simply make slopes.

Also, it’s crucial to have a myriad of plants. In such gardens, the topiary, citruses, pistachios, and olives are quite widespread. Also pay attention to small palms, flower beds with roses, or variegated flowers and herbs.

As for the architectural elements, there should be a patio, arches, and, for sure, fountains.

  • Backyard stage

A great idea for those who are somehow involved in a creative business. By designing your backyard stage, you always have a place to put on exhibitions or impromptu performances.

  • Rest near the hearth

As a rule, the backyard invites people to cook food on an open fire. The most common options for such a place are barbecues, but you can find a more non-standard approach. Buy an Asian tandoor or build an outdoor fireplace. Place upholstered furniture next to it and make yourself comfortable, enjoying both the beauty of nature and the warmth of your home.

Wrapping up 

The owners of private houses with adjacent territories are really lucky – landscape design opens up many opportunities for their aesthetic and functional arrangement.

But remember that the outer surroundings of the courtyard play a huge role, so it is important that the atmosphere in this space evokes pleasant pastime and relaxation.