Increase your home’s value with a water filtration system

How do you increase the value of your home? You could dust the hallways, mow the lawn and add a coat of fresh paint. But everyone does these things.  However, keep in mind that you might not  succeed in doing what everyone else is doing. Take it a step further by adding a water filtration system.

What Does A Water Filtration System Do?

Water filtration systems may sound like luxurious fads, but they are gradually becoming an essential component of ordinary households. The right filtration system will perform the task its name suggests. Once it connects to your water supply, the system will treat your water, eliminating toxins and pollutants.

The system’s efficacy depends mainly on the type of filtration system and the competence of the water and air conditioning service provider that installed it. 

The wrong filtration system will cause frustration either because it cannot perform the tasks you want or because the quality of the product is so poor that it keeps contaminating the water instead of cleaning it.

The wrong service provider can disrupt your home’s water supply by installing the filtration system poorly.

Why Do You Need A Water Filtration System?

Are you skeptical of water filtration systems? Note that You’re not the only one. Of course, many people ignore them because they don’t appreciate the purpose they serve. Because they don’t know why they need a filtration system, they don’t understand how it can raise their home’s value.

When a potential buyer learns about your property’s water filtration system, they will match or even exceed your asking price because they expect the following:

1)       Hygiene

When water is treated before it enters your home, it gives many homeowners comfort. They don’t realize that treatment plants cannot remove everything. They may eliminate debris and germs, but some bacteria survive that treatment process.

Additionally, you can’t trust them to keep dangerous chemicals and toxins out of your water supply. If the pipes corrode, they will add hazardous elements to the water pouring from your tap, which can cause diseases.

A water filtration system will eliminate the pollutants your area’s treatment plant couldn’t remove.  At the very least, it will give you peace of mind, especially if stories about lead poisoning keep you up at night.

Many people will add filters to the taps in their kitchens. But a whole-house system is better because it cleans all the water coming into your home.

2)       Hardness

Some people don’t have a choice where filtration systems are concerned. They live in regions with hard water. Hard water has high mineral content. In the best-case scenarios, that hard water will ruin your hair, destroy dishwashers, and corrode pipes.

In the worst-case scenario, it may introduce radiological contaminants, especially if the water passes through places with plutonium, cesium, and the like.

Radiological contaminants are not a common concern. However, high mineral content is still problematic. If your skin is always dry and itchy, and your hair has become worryingly brittle, hard water is the cause. If your utensils and appliances are stained, you need a filtration system.

Filtration systems can soften water by reducing the mineral content. In addition, methods such as reverse osmosis will purify the water supply, removing suspicious odors and flavors.

If you live in a location with high water hardness, your buyers will greatly appreciate the presence of a filtration system that softens the water.

3)       Plumbing

You can minimize repairs by reducing the damage that plumbing equipment typically incurs, especially pipes, because of hard water buildup. You can also cut maintenance costs even as you increase efficiency.

This doesn’t even account for the reduced cost of cleaning and replacing stained dishes, appliances, and clothes.

4)       Environment

Home filtration systems will appeal to environmentally conscious buyers. You don’t have to install a filtration system to drink filtered water. You can just buy bottled water from your local supermarket.

However, bottled water harms the environment because it comes in plastic bottles. Plastic is one of the biggest dangers to the planet. Without a filtration system, you have to buy bottled water, especially if foul odors have tainted your water supply.

Get a filtration system if you can afford to wash with the water, but you can’t bring yourself to drink it. Even if the environment doesn’t concern you, bottled water is expensive. Over time, you will spend more money on bottled water than it would take to install a filtration system.

Filtration systems are not quite as expensive as you think. A reverse osmosis system can cost you as little as $300. Compare that figure to the cost of bottled water. Americans spent $34 billion on bottled water in 2019. A water filtration system will eliminate this unnecessary expense.

5)       Water Bill

You don’t have to permit hard or dirty water to stain your dishes and clothes. However, to keep them clean, you have to increase the number of rinse cycles. This applies to your hair as well. Naturally, the result is a spike in your water bill.

A filtration system will reduce the number of rinse cycles you need to clean your utensils, clothing, and hair.


You cannot deny the benefits of a water filtration system. Of course, you could argue that some buyers are accustomed to living without a filtration system. But even if that is true, your filtration system will draw them in because of the convenience.

Most upgrades have the same advantage. For instance, a fresh coat of paint cannot improve the functionality of a home. And yet, a freshly painted house will attract more buyers because they don’t have to go through the trouble of repainting the house.

The water filtration system is the same. The convenience is going to win buyers over. And once they have your house, they will grow to appreciate the system’s benefits, including the water softening features and the protections it offers to their clothes, dishes, and appliances.

Humna Chaudhary
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