Bring Luxury to your walls with The Trendy Art

Art is a highly diverse range of human activities that reflect creativity by creating diverse art crafts. Art can be in the form of paintings, drawings, music, theatre, and much more. The kind of art being discussed in this article is “wall art,” also known as Mural. The Mural is when a painting is directly applied to walls. 


Forms of wall art

A mural can be done on walls in various different forms, such as doodles. A doodle is quite close to scribbles and gives the artist more of a free hand as doodles are a more relaxed form of a mural. This form is mostly preferred by restaurants and cafes as it gives them a personalised touch. Another form is abstract art on walls; abstract art again is a more free approach towards art; the absence of structure and the visualisation of color is what gives abstract art its shine. Furthermore, a portrait is a form of wall art that is more personalised and is used to depict humans. It is usually added on walls in rooms and in studios of artists and singers. Lastly, there is the storytelling form of art through which artists describe a story, and this is usually adapted by offices and museums to grab the attention of the people. 

Other ways to decorate walls 

Although the Mural is a great and much commonly used form of art, we can bring life to dull, boring walls with loads of other ways. The first one is adding handmade drawings or paintings and sticking them onto walls. This is usually done with drawings of children. A second and more personalised yet aesthetic way is creating a gallery wall. This can be done by printing pictures of oneself and their family along with aesthetic decorative pictures and vision board pictures, which can be later posted on walls or hung around with fairy lights adding an extra pop of color to the room. Lastly, walls can be decorated by adding canvases and putting mirrors on them. Canvases are a rather timeless way to decorate and accessorize walls. The best part about canvases is that although they are so beautiful, they can be framed by one’s own self. However, investing in the great canvas should always be taken into account if one can afford it as it adds a pop of color and looks more professional. Some great options to decorate your walls with a professional touch is to add a beautiful Louis Vuitton Canvas Wall Art; the branded pieces might be heavy on the bag but are an absolute delight to the eyes. Gold engravings and nothing but smooth engravings can add life to any wall and room. However, the main purpose of art is to be accessible and affordable; thus, any beautiful canvas that attracts the eyes is worthwhile as long as it is budget-friendly and is easily accessible. 

Humna Chaudhary
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