Why Having Plants Is Good For Our Mental Health

Plants Not Only Make The Atmosphere More Aesthetic But Also Soothes The Mind

Many a time, when you feel stressed, it is often recommended to go and take a walk in nature. This is because the mystifying beautiful world of Greenery can bring the much-needed calm and feeling of serenity that you crave in your busy life. If you like to bring this beautiful part of the world and add it to your house, you are not alone.

More and more people are buying plants to bring into their homes and rooms. People are learning how to Plant care with different leaves and almost everyone nowadays owns a couple of succulents. It definitely makes a lot of sense due to the below reasons. 

They Make Your Abodes Beautiful

City dwellers now are growing. This means that more people are flocking into smaller houses and are away from the real luxury of nature. Therefore, the best way to keep yourself still amidst the beautiful nature is to make it portable and bring it home. Furthermore, with remote work now being a trend, the stress that was limited to the office has not come home. In between all this chaos and uncertainty, having your own little green sanctuary can make you feel calmer and make your abode a little more cheerful.

They Help You Breathe

If you took even a basic class of biology then you obviously know that human beings are quite dependant on plants to bring us fresh air. So don’t be shy when you are spending your paycheck on the nursery and click here to get your toxin-absorbing plants home. These little additions to your house will help release more oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This is important if you live in old houses where there is mold or the landlord is negligent about proper maintenance. 

They Help Boost Self Confidence

Both adults and teenagers today suffer from low self-esteem. This is heightened due to the presence of social media as it pressurizes everyone to look or behave in a certain way. By taking a break from technology and heading outdoors to do some gardening, it can provide people with the much-needed break from technology. It gives you a chance to disconnect from your screens and connect with nature. As you tend to your plant and watch it flourish, you will understand the transformation of something beautiful when it’s taken care of. This allows you to be less hard on yourself. You too then feel the need to be caring towards yourself and thereby have more confidence.

They Show You The Importance Of Small Things

Work-life can be very stressful. You are always expected to be better, faster, and more effective. In this process, you completely ignore the little things that matter. The little bits of beauty around you that silently work their way through while you are busy in your stressful life. Gardening can help you restore your mood and take your mind away from the emotional chaos and constant feeling of being rushed. These tiny doses of nature can make you happy. 

They Help You With Being Mindful

Zen is promoted through plants. It allows you to be focused on one tiny little plant at the moment and switch off from the 100 other thoughts that can run in your mind. Tending to your plants or just seeing them when you are stressed can have a calming effect on you. This promotes mindfulness and can help you cope with stress. You will be able to handle tasks in a more comfortable and relaxed manner. 

They Are Good For Your Sleep

The toxin absorbing, air-purifying capabilities of your plants are not only good for your body but also for your brains. Plants like Aloe Vera and Ivy can be a great choice for you to buy when you go shopping for plants. Some plants that exude rich scents like Jasmine and Lavender, can reduce your anxiety and stress level. They can help you to calm down and even help you to fall asleep. Arent they a better option than popping a sleeping pill?

They Can Be A Great Hobby

Gardening can be one of the cheapest forms of therapy you will ever have access to. The benefits of taking care of plants have been time and again been made known to all. The act of tending to plants and helping them grown diverts our mind off all the bad thoughts, relieves stress, and has a calming effect on us. Some reports even state that gardening can help lower the risk of dementia. 

Simply put, the presence of nature in your daily life can have numerous physical and mental benefits. These aesthetically pleasing living things will make you happy as they bloom and improve your mood every day of your life. 

Khuwalid Khalid
Contact at Khuwalid.khalid@gmail.com

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