9 Outdoor Lighting Tips To Improve Your Home

Lighting can bring life to any place at night, and can also add to safety as well as extend living spaces. Outdoor lights are usually capable of withstanding all weather conditions.

Outdoor lights can bring a pleasant ambiance to your porch, lawn, driveway, backyard, and garden at night. There are many options to choose from if you’re planning to install new ones or upgrade them if they’ve burned out. You can check out https://oregonoutdoorlighting.com/ and other lighting solutions companies to know more about their offerings. In the meantime, here are some tips to improve outdoor lighting in your homes:

Set Up Security Lights on Elevated Areas

Security lights tend to be the brightest source of light on your property. Their main function is that they illuminate a bigger area of your property, scaring off potential burglars or destructive animals. They are recommended on elevated areas and broad lights positioned over the walkways or backyard entrance.

For security lighting, a motion-detecting floodlight would be the best choice. Floodlights on exterior walls would detect any motion and automatically turn on in case of threats.

The model of motion-detecting floodlights you install would dictate how efficient they would be. A three-in-one floodlight would light up the area more than single ones.

Decorate Your Garden Or Deck With String Lights

String lights can give your garden or deck a warm atmosphere suitable for entertaining guests during family events. They can also be used to illuminate your outdoor kitchen or highlight your patio furniture.

Rechargeable and waterproof string lights with durable LED bulbs that are battery or solar powered can be your best choice.However if you choose to go with string lights that need to actually be plugged in, you will want to ensure that you have the appropriate electronic transformers so that the lights are powered accordingly and you can add the glitz you are going for on your deck.

The advantage of string lights is that they remain fully functional even after being exposed to rainy weather.

Install Garage Lights In Your Porch

At times, porch lights fail to get enough light to your garage. You can either decide to use one light on either side of your garage door or position your lights at the outermost pillars of your walls. To save on cost and energy, it’s best to use LED lights in your garage.

Brighten Up Your Walkways With Path Lights

A garden with stony walkways is better with proper outdoor lights so you can move around effortlessly. These lights allow you to see better at night as you stroll, preventing you from tripping.

This type of lighting can be installed on both sides of walkways. This can start from the main entrance to the door, around flower beds, or along ascending stones from the main path to the backyard.

Low-voltage bulbs with LED options have been used in recent times. These include a bulb housing that can be inserted into the ground. Low-voltage lights for your path require a transformer to reduce the current from 120 to 12 volts. The energy-saving bulbs that use solar energy can light up your compound using solar batteries. Although walkways are usually under the shade, solar panels can be placed on areas that receive constant sunlight to increase their efficiency.

Illuminate and Ventilate Your Outdoor Space With Ceiling Fan Lights

An outdoor ceiling fan light helps illuminate and ventilate an outside space simultaneously. You can install an outdoor ceiling fan light in areas where you hold garden and barbecue parties.

Outdoor fan lights are also necessary for work sheds as heat build-up in less-insulated buildings can be quite high. They help in air circulation as well as illuminate the area.

Accent Vertical Spaces With Wall Lights

Wall lights give accent lighting and added security. They ease movement as they illuminate small and shadowy places of your property.

Wall lights are easy to install on vertical surfaces such as pools, above stairways, around seating areas, and in low-lying places within your outdoor spot.

There are several options you can choose from depending on your requirements. You can get wall scones designed with an open base that produces the right amount for your property in recessed areas. In limited spaces on exterior walls, semi-flush mount scones would be your best pick.

Use Deck Lights On Stairs

Deck lights allow you to move through your deck with ease at night, thereby minimizing tripping instances and visual clutter. They are mostly made of a buried chain of LED lights into the grooves of surfaces.

Deck lights can also be positioned around the deck perimeter, stair railings, or between stair steps.

Showcase Your Greenery With Spotlights

Spotlights are outdoor lights that give off beams to showcase ornamental features, plants, or trees. They can be installed at or above grounds to offer a more visually appealing look.

A bullet-shaped light with a base that can be pushed into the ground would be appropriate to illuminate tall objects like trees. This type of light is adjustable, thereby allowing you to select your preferred angle.

Well lights can be used to illuminate bushes or shrubs within your yard. These are rounded lights that cast light for short distances which are pushed into the ground, allowing the small garden items to stick out.

Add A Soft Touch by Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns emit a soft light with a low voltage to accentuate your architectural decor. Installing them near back doors highlights an arch or a transom window in most cases.

Most lanterns feature semi-flushed mounts that have a glass and a metal exterior that attaches the arm to the wall.

Lanterns add soft illumination to items like snacks and beverages when having garden dinners. A translucent light would be better than a clear glass-covered lantern as it produces a glare-free light that neither dim nor distract the eyes.


There are many options you can consider when selecting your outdoor lighting. Whichever you’ll choose may ensure your property’s security and added charm. The tips outlined in this article may help give you some ideas to improve your outdoor lighting at home.

Khuwalid Khalid
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