Bathroom Renovation. Key Things to Remember

Summer is the best time to renovate your home. The materials get dry faster. The days are longer, so you can finish all the necessary work sooner. How about renovating your bathroom? Bathroom is the place where your day starts. Everybody will agree that your morning bathroom routine has a huge impact on our day ahead.

Design is your starting point

Begin from the design. It’s essential to have a plan, and then it will be way easier to finish your dream bathroom. We provide FREE 3D design service, so you can visualize the final look. Our experienced designers and bathroom installers have been involved in renovating homes and making them magnificent and welcoming for over 10 years. We can offer you a home visit or showroom appointment(also, online or via phone).

Remember, a well-designed bathroom does not only look good, but is also practical. Think about your everyday routine and how the space is used. If you are doing make up every day, then, probably, a huge mirror with a bright lamp or lamps is an inseparable part of your bathroom. In case, you need some relaxation after a long, exhausting day at work, consider installing a bath.

Keep your bathroom organized

There is nothing worse than a messy bathroom. All sorts of cosmetics on your vanity top will make your bathroom feel dull and cluttered. Here you need to be smart. Think about stacked vertical shelving, floating shelves or mirrored slimline shaving cabinets. If space is still a problem, consider bringing some things to your bedroom. How about storing your towels in the bedroom closet?

Look down

The floor of pretty much any room plays a crucial role in the design of the room. Nevertheless, in a bathroom it is essential to make sure the floor is not just beautiful, but is also practical. Ceramic tile would probably be the best option for bathroom floor. What is more, it fits almost any taste and style. Furthermore,  it is waterproof and very easy to clean.

Light is crucial

Nowadays bathroom became not  only a place for getting ready, but also a relaxation and spa-like place. That’s why, being able  to adjust the lighting is significant. Natural lighting is always the best choice, but some extra light might be very useful. Over the mirror, for instance.


We highly recommend to continue some style from other parts of your home into your bathroom. Matching colours all over your flat will definitely look great. You can also continue that Provence style in your vanity. How about using similar colours, shapes and features from handles and fixtures consistently? For example, if your tap ware is round style, then keep the round style going for handles and railings.

In conclusion, small changes make bring us huge happiness. However, these small changes, like renovating your bathroom, may be very complicated and time-consuming, especially when you want everything to be perfect. Leave this work to us! We promise to save your time and money. Check the offer of bathroom specialists on the website –