5 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Boost Home Security

Summer is just around the corner, and you might be thinking about your favorite past-time; DIY Home improvement projects. Any home improvements that curb appeal or improve the overall look of your home are worth your time, but so are the security upgrades.

A secure home not only provides you with peace of mind but also dramatically surges your home value because everyone wants a safe home for their family. To top it off, you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware and hire professionals to install it. 

This tech-oriented world is continuously making our life easier by offering not only smart devices but also convenient ways to install and operate them. Considering home improvement projects to increase your home’s security anytime soon, consider these smart and effective security upgrades.

Install a Home Automation System

In the world of technology, relying on weak locks that are just one hit away from becoming useless is a no-brainer. Motion sensors. Security alarms, cameras, etc., can be leveraged to minimize burglary attacks, but what if you connect these devices via the internet and control them from the comfort of your bed?

The need to convert a regular home into a smart home mostly arises due to security challenges. Home automation lets you remotely control your security cameras, door locks, lights, smoke alarms, and other smart home security devices.

You will get real-time alerts of any suspicious activity that may occur within your premises so you can deter potential thieves.

You can use home automation for the following security needs;

  • Schedule your TV and lights to turn on and off when you are away from home for several days.
  • Set two-way talk through a smart doorbell to thwart porch pirates.
  • Check on carbon monoxide or smoke alarms and turn off the fake warnings from your smartphone.
  • Get a real-time video feed if any unauthorized persons arrive at the driveway.

Secure your Wi-Fi Network

Just like your front door can get access to burglars for getting in, the wireless network of your home can give your financial and personal information to the burglar, facilitating them to carry out a successful mission.

If your Wi-Fi is connected to your smart home security devices, criminals can hack the system and turn off your security system. Therefore, you need to kick down your Wi-Fi network to thwart hackers. 

  • Know the best practices for using a wireless connection
  • Secure your wireless router using a strong password
  • Enable Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 encryption
  • Make use of a firewall
  • Install anti-malware and antivirus protection
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your connection

Secure the Doors

Seems too obvious, but do you know 34 percent of burglars carry out their mission simply by walking in from the front door? Check your door’s exterior; hinges are strong, the frame is protected, and if your door has a mail slot, make sure thieves can’t use it to unlock it.

If your property was previously owned by anyone else, change the locks. Replace it with strong locks. Most preferable, use smart security locks.

Here are the best ways to secure these vital entryways;

  • Replace weak locks with strong deadbolts to secure your entry points.
  • Upgrade your locks with a smart lock system and connect it to the internet for automation.
  • Install video doorbells to enable two-way voice to control remotely via smartphone.

Consider the Garage Security

Your garage door is a major attraction for burglars. Even if they can’t get through your front door, you might possibly have great stuff stored in the garage.

Make sure your garage’s interior and exterior are properly secured. Keep your garage door opener inside your home so burglars can’t get it from your car. Moreover, you can consider adding your garage door to your home automation and opening it using your smartphone.

If you use a security code to open the garage door, try not to open it in front of neighbors, guests, delivery people, and anyone else. 

Here is how to maximize the security of your garage door.

  • Use extra locks to secure your garage door
  • Consider upgrading to a smart garage door opener
  • Invest in a driveway alarm
  • Use automation to operate your garage door

Avoid Hiding Places & Use Lighting

Burglars hate lighting and love hiding places, like shrubs and trees, so you must invest in good lighting and eliminate these criminals’ sanctuaries.

Though trees and shrubs give curb appeal to your house, they can be used by criminals to cover them. Instead, opt for bushes and small flowers. If you have trees close to your windows, either remove them or protect those windows with extra security. 

Along the same line, invest in high-quality lights but be sure to save energy as much as possible. Place these lights along pathways, near the garage door, around front and back yards, and other outdoor structures that potential burglars can use to access your house.

By using the following measures, you can boost your home’s security;

  • Schedule your smart light bulbs and monitor them remotely
  • Invest in motion-activated lights to boost your security
  • Add security signs to your outdoor space, even if you are not using a security system

Other Considerations

Smart switch Australia home security devices are imperative for every home, but you should know the right operation procedure. Moreover, home improvement is not just about adding something extra to your home to upgrade its security.

Sometimes, you need to have a security mindset and a careful approach to protect yourself from any unwanted incident. If you are venturing for a long vacation, try not to boast about it on social media. If your post gets into the wrong hands, those uninvited guests will enjoy your empty home more than you would enjoy during your trip.

Similarly, an overflowing mailbox at your front door signifies an empty home. Therefore, make sure your mail is not piling up. You can request your neighbor or a friend to pick up your mail when you are out of town.

Final Words

Homes are meant to keep you safe, but surging burglary attacks are alarming for homeowners. Therefore, consider home security a top priority on your home improvement to-do list. From securing your door and investing in smart lighting to protecting your wireless connection and opting for a home automation system, security upgradation is time-taking but is a need of the hour.

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