9 Landscaping Trends to Try This Year

Do you ever look out at your yard and think it needs something… different? It happens. As seasons come and go, so do our ideas for our landscaping. It’s important to have a cultivated landscape – in fact, many experts agree that curb appeal is one of the many factors that will influence the value of your home and determine whether or not it’s sellable. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, it’s still important to maintain some curb appeal. Here are some landscaping trends to try out this year that will keep your home looking appealing to everyone who walks by it!

Only Use Plants Native to the Area

Consider adding some plants that are native to your area. Take into account how much rain you get throughout the season, and do some research on the native flowers that will grow easiest in your yard. Native plants will require less upkeep and maintenance because they grow naturally in your environment. 

Address Irrigation

One of the biggest trends this year is sustainability. When thinking about different landscaping options for your home, don’t forget to address how you’re going to water the greenery. Some companies have smart irrigation that not only saves money and conserves water, but also prevents yours from being the yard that has the sprinklers going during a thunderstorm. Even if the initial installation is a bit expensive, investing in some smart irrigation or environmentally conscious yard solutions will make you feel like your yard is contributing to the efforts to save the Earth. 

Avoid the Fertilizer

While fertilizer can be a great additive in certain circumstances, sometimes the best remedy for a yard that needs some TLC is adding much-needed natural nutrients. You can use kitchen scraps for a compostable option, such as ground coffee leftovers. Using natural nutrients prevents you from putting man-made chemicals in your garden or outdoor landscape, which then leads to a healthier yard!

Add a Personal Touch

Your landscaping doesn’t have to look like a cookie-cutter of everyone else’s in the neighborhood. While you might want to consider some unifying pieces so that your house retains some unity with the other houses on the block, you can add some personal touches to show people that your home is lived in and loved. Place a couple of unique garden flags around your backyard to brighten up the space with a personal message. 

Save the Bees

Another great way to consider the environment when changing out your landscaping is to add flowers that promote pollination. Bees do a lot for the climate and the Earth, so adding flowers that encourage their visits will help to bring more greenery to the global landscape. Adding some nectar-rich flowers is a great way to entice bees – and even birds – to your yard. Some of the best pollinating flowers are fennel, sunflowers, lavender and coneflowers. Plant a few of those flowers and watch as the bees, butterflies and birds flock to your yard.

Create Patterns With Pavers

If you have a small space or don’t think you’ll have the time to dedicate to maintaining a huge green lawn – that’s okay! Instead, consider how you can use stone to your advantage. Create unique patterns with pavers and other natural materials to add something extra to your landscaping. You can even add a few unique engraved garden stones to the designs. Having a unique outdoor design feature, like using natural stone, will help ensure your home retains its value. 

Think Purposeful

When considering landscaping for your home, also focus on creating a purpose for your landscape. What do you want to do with it? If you want to create a garden filled with herbs, vegetables and fruits you can eat, then most of your landscape should be dedicated to those plants. If the purpose of your landscape is to create a calm, outdoor getaway, then look into finding flowers and incorporating colors that create tranquility. Maybe you have kids, and the purpose of your landscaping is to not detract from the custom playground set you built for them. Find outdoor seating that will last through time and weather so you and your friends can sit and watch the kids play in the afternoons. 

Add Lighting

Landscaping should also incorporate lighting. Consider the areas of your landscape that you want to show off at night or the areas you know that you and your family will use most during the nighttime hours. You can incorporate a variety of types of lighting. From string lights to tall outdoor lamps to LEDs nestled between shrubs, there’s a light feature out there for your individual landscape. Using light to create a warm, inviting outdoor space is a great way to spruce up the landscape. 

Go Vertical

Air gardens are on trend this year. You can create some awesome vertical gardens and planters, which are perfect for small yards and landscaping areas. Instead of your greenery pushing outward, it’ll flow upwards! You can mount planters to fences, or DIY a trellis to place in your yard. Going in a vertical direction for your landscaping is a unique feature to capitalize on if you decide to sell your home in the future.

No Soil? No Problem.

If you live in an area that restricts water usage or has very little rich soil, such as the desert, you can still get a green landscape! In fact, you can have a colorful landscape. Adding succulents and cacti are a great way to spruce up your landscaping. They grow well with limited amounts of water and lots of sunshine, the exact environment a desert area creates. 

Landscaping as a homeowner can be tough, especially if you’re unsure what unique features to add to your outdoor areas. Remember that investing in a unique landscape that has some trendy features will only increase the value of your home – and possibly give you the best lawn on the lot!

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