How Much Does Interior Doors Cost In The UK?

Interior doors prices are essential to know before transacting a door business. As you look at beautifying your interior space, you need to settle for a type of door that perfectly suits your budget along with your interior design. If you want to renovate or install doors for your new house, scroll along to know the interior door type that tremendously fits your budget.

Top 5 Types of Interior Doors with their Price in the UK

Interior doors vary in price due to their quality, durability, and type of material used. There are different types of interior doors with different prices. Therefore, you need to settle for interior doors that are pocket-friendly, long with quality for your home. Scroll and read below to compare and contrast different interior door prices that suit your budget.

1. Oak Internal Doors

Oak internal doors are durable and attractive and can transform your home’s interior tremendously. Durability, stability, heat loss, noise reduction, and the luxury look of oak internal doors make their price relatively high. The cost of internal oak doors ranges from £97.99 to £1,000, from unfinished to pre-finished, respectively.

2. Internal Glazed Doors

The internal glazed doors range from patterned glass, frosted glass, clear glass, and traditional stained-glass panelling. Internal glazed doors offer a variety of advantages to your space, such as giving a great unique look brightening up rooms while creating privacy and security for your specific rooms. Internal glazed doors prices range from £81.29 to £1,000. 

3. Hardwood Doors

Hardwood doors are identified with their distinctive smooth texture. Because hardwood is rare, they offer unique looks at affordable prices. Besides, hardwood doors products can adapt to the changing and growing trends. The hardwood has a good quality with a naturally good insulator. Due to hardwood doors’ unique properties, their prices range from £5.99 to £36.00.

4. Internal French Doors

A French door is a pair of hinged doors open outwards, giving you whole space in your room. There are over 40 different styles. Hence, you can’t miss the one that suits your taste. Internal French doors can be hardwood, oak, or even glazed, giving you more advantages over other single character doors. The prices range from £100 to £1,105.99.

5. Pre-Finished Doors

Internal pre-finished doors are always ready to be installed since they have been finished to an expert standard. Pre-finished internal doors will save you time because you can install them straight from stores. There are various styles, colours, unique and modern looks. The pre-finished internal doors prices range from £49.00 to £709.00 in the UK.


With interior doors, ensure you analyse each one to find one that suits your budget. The prices differ due to their durability, quality, and modification. Don’t settle for low-quality interior doors that will need renovation every year.

However, work on your budget to settle for the best quality and affordable interior door in the market. Ensure you go for the best in terms of prices, quality, design, and durability!

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