10 Easy Decor Tips for a Beautiful & Functional Home Office

The pandemic significantly transformed work cultures across the globe. From kindergarten teachers to astrophysicists, most professionals from various industries had to quickly switch to remote working. Now more than ever, everyone should have a dedicated office or study space in their homes.

Strategically decorating your home office is crucial for creating a productive and motivating working environment. We’re sharing some useful tips for space-saving and cost-effective design tips. Let’s dive in.

Find Natural Light

In addition to brightening up any room, natural light also positively impacts your mood and productivity. We recommend setting up your workstation near a window or a room that gets plenty of sunlight; however, if the window opens to a noisy street, it would be better to find a quieter space.

Consider a Murphy Desk

Whether you are converting a tiny room or a corner of your bedroom into a home office, you will have limited space to work with. A regular-sized deck will take up too much space and make it difficult to move around. Instead, consider putting up a murphy desk that collapses when you’re not working.

Ensure Good Lighting

Lighting is an important element for creating a productive and positive work environment. If your home office doesn’t get enough natural light, you should get a table lamp to ensure low light doesn’t strain your eyes.

Since you’re spending more time indoors, your energy bills will likely increase. Try exploring Origin Energy rates and switch to a competitively-priced plan.

Invest in Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable chair with proper back support is a necessary investment for your home office – after all, straining your neck or back is the last thing you want. Understandably, ergonomic chairs can be extremely pricey, but you can find discounted options at online marketplaces or second-hand shops.

Install a Smart Power Strip

You probably have your phone, laptop, printer, tablet, and other devices that are essential for your job. Instead of rushing to different rooms to plug in your electronics, install a smart power strip near your desk. Apart from easy access, it’s also a way to save more energy.

Place Few Plants

Plants are one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your interiors. Additionally, plants also do a wonderful job of lifting your mood and purifying the air. Snake plant, Weeping Fig, and Peace Lily are some easy-to-maintain options.

Mount High Shelves

Even if you have a small space, no office can do without adequate storage. Instead of getting a bulky cabinet, mounting high floating shelves is a much better use of space.

Get Storage Bins

A cluttered office space may lead to misplaced documents and high-stress levels. Purchase a few storage bins to keep all of your office supplies organized.

Add Motivating Elements

From your favorite lyric, to book quotes, decorate your home office with words you find inspiring. Artwork and other decorative elements can also get the creative juices flowing and help you focus.

Set Up a Coffee Station

Taking breaks is crucial to revitalize and approach work with a fresh mind. Many remote workers are guilty of continuously working without any breaks, which leads to burnout. Why not encourage yourself to leave your desk by setting up a coffee station? Find a distinct area to place your choice of beverage and throw in some of your favorite snacks as well.

The Bottom Line

Working on your coffee table or kitchen island may be fine for a day or two, but it’s not a practical idea in the long run. It would be best to find a quiet room or corner in your house to set up a devoted work area.

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