How to Eradicate Odor in Your Basement

Where does the smell usually come from? 

You might get away with decluttering your bedroom by keeping some excess items under your bed, but is it the same case with basements? As you pile up your storage boxes, it also encourages bacterial growth which leads to that familiar “basement smell.” 

Consider ditching your cleaning and scrubbing routine for now and learn better ways on how to fix a smelly basement. 

Common reasons behind a smelly basement

One of the best indicators of a filthy environment is bad odor. But before you start sniffing on every corner of the house, consider the following factors first:

  1. Broken pipes. Check your pipes for any cracks because it doesn’t take much of your water to make a basement conducive to mold growth. According to Basement Issues, “corrosion on the inside of the pipe will begin to build up and create a clog which will restrict water from moving smoothly through the pipe.”
  2. Mold growth. Moisture is your enemy. Once the indoor humidity level is high enough, mold spores are more than happy to land on any moist areas. So the next time you visit your basement, make sure the moisture level is low enough.
  3. Standing water. Aside from being a good breeding ground for household pests, standing water also contributes to the classic musty smell in your basement as this promotes bacteria buildup.
  4. Dead animals. By the time you identify a distinct smell of a dead animal carcass, this means your basement is a perfect hangout spot for rodents and other unwanted creatures. Whether you like it or not, the only way to get rid of the dead animal smell is to locate and remove the animal carcass. If you want a better option, it’s best to prevent animal invasions and do the necessary proactive measures. 

Tips on how to maintain an odor-free basement

Once you find the reason behind the stink or odor, then it will be the perfect time for you to plan and take action. Depending on the circumstance or situation, here are option for you to keep the basement clean, fresh, and smelling good: 

  1. Invest in a dehumidifier. Just because the bad odor is gone doesn’t mean molds aren’t lurking nearby. After you’re done repairing the damaged pipes in your basement, it’s best to remove the excess moisture from the air. A fast and effective way of maintaining a good humidity level is to use a dehumidifier.
  2. Fix any cracks and leaks. What better way to stop pipe leaks than sealing the crack itself, right? Whether it’s stormwater or water produced by snowmelt, it can easily flood your basement with water. Unless it’s a major crack, you will be able to repair the pipe leak yourself using a pipe clamp. Otherwise, it’s best to call your local plumber.
  3. Deodorize. You need your two hands to clean a smelly basement so quit pinching your nose! Neutralize the musty smell with home remedies to eradicate the foul fragrance.

Prevention is better than cure. 

End your day by coming home to a good-smelling house without having to use deodorizing sprays and even having to call the plumbing company  for complaints. You might be surprised how an abandoned basement can result in major house repairs, plumbing services, or serious health issues. By following these tips, you’ll be the first to invade your basement before anything else.