6 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Classy

Tasteful choice and arrangement of decor in your personal style are what makes a house a home. Whether your style is country chic or mid-century modern, you can make your home look more classy with the following tips.

1. Invest in Quality Furniture

High end furniture stores Los Angeles offer stylish, top-notch pieces that will fit right in within any home. By choosing quality pieces, you will make your whole space appear more tasteful and luxurious. In addition, when you invest in high-caliber furniture, you will enjoy the added benefit of it looking like new and lasting much longer than if you had simply chosen bargain finds.

2. Choose Great Art

Nothing makes a home look more high-end than a few stylish art pieces. You can accomplish this even on a budget. Look for quality art pieces at secondhand stores, in online auctions, or even at garage sales. Then, invest in custom framing to make those pieces really pop. Another effective strategy is to group several smaller pieces of art in coordinating frames for a gallery wall. If you have a little extra room in your budget, consider getting a commissioned piece or two done to suit your unique style perfectly.

3. Find a Stylish Rug

Rugs can add warmth, texture, and definition to a room space. Choose one that’s just the right scale for your space, with a balance of functionality and style. Consider picking one in a shade that ties the room’s color scheme together, or go bold with a contrasting color as a statement piece. Keep in mind the practicality of your choice of floor covering — the perfectly stylish white rug you found obviously won’t have its intended effect in a home with a dark-haired dog. 

4. Keep a Consistent Color Scheme

Throughout your home, you can establish a put-together look by maintaining a consistent color palette all over (or at least a consistent palette in each individual room). Keep this consistency in every addition you make to the room, from the paint to the furniture to the decor. It may be helpful to keep a “mood board” of the colors and inspiration photos that you utilize to bring together your home’s style; this reference will help you keep everything consistent in your decor. By doing this, you will make your home look more intentional and stylish, even if you have some budget pieces in the mix.

5. Light Your Home Well

Adequate lighting in every space will make your home instantly look more luxurious. Consider different types of lighting to keep things interesting: a statement piece in the entryway, warm lamps in the living room, bright built-in lights in the kitchen, etc. If the potential for a power bill spike makes you wary, consider investing in efficient, long-life LED bulbs to keep things illuminated for a fraction of the price.

6. Control the Clutter

In any home, you can up the level of classiness by simply keeping clutter at bay. Think like a museum curator when you decorate: lots of open space, clean surfaces, and everything in its place. Once or twice a day, clear away any clutter, put things back where they belong, and then bask in the glory of your clean and classy space. If you’re finding that you regularly wind up with items that don’t seem to have a home, it might be time to purge some unused junk and/or invest in new storage solutions.

Making your home look more stylish need not be too difficult. With a few key strategies, you can ensure that your space feels classy and put together, no matter your decor style.

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