5 Housing Communities in Clermont Trending in Popularity

It’s not exactly fresh news that Florida is a great state to live in. They don’t call it the sunshine for no reason. It is an area that enjoys an enduring magnetic appeal to so many people. However, what does change is when suburbs enjoy a surge in popularity and they start trending.

If you search new homes in Clermont FL, for instance, you will quickly appreciate why Clermont is enjoying a proper moment in the limelight. It has all the infrastructure and community vibe to justify the hype and there is no doubt that Clermont will continue to remain a popular location for home movers.

Here is a look at some of those housing communities in Clermont and the reasons why they have become so desirable to buyers.

Florence Lake Ridge is setting new standards

This is a relatively new housing community. It has created quite a buzz since building work started in the area. 

The reasons why it is so popular are due to the fact that Florence Lake Ridge is set in a quiet location that is tucked away. This has enabled home builders to create properties with a larger footprint because of the space available.

That means you get a good-sized home in a quiet but thriving community.

Enjoy the views living in Hunter’s Run

One of the main characteristics of living in the Hunter’s Run neighborhood is you are likely to enjoy some stunning landscapes and spectacular views wherever your home is located.

It is a place that exudes a chilled vibe. It is also great for families with lots of leisure amenities and schools.

Victoria Estates has become a red-hot destination

One of the most sought-after communities in Clermont has to be Victoria Estates.

There are a couple of strong reasons why it is such a red-hot destination for homebuyers. It is conveniently located just a couple of miles away from the Turnpike, plus, it has a great reputation for excellent schools.

The area offers a good choice of properties with large sites and floor plans available.

Hidden Lake is a shining example of modern living

One of the reasons why Hidden Lake is trending is that it combines a beautiful rural setting with modern technology. A lot of the properties being built take advantage of solar energy and there are lots of features that you would want for modern living.

You can also get to great shopping locations and major highways in no time at all.

Serenoa is perfect if you like a gated community

If privacy and security are top priorities you might want to take a look at Serenoa.

This gated community has become very popular. It’s not hard to see why when you look at the laid-back lifestyle it offers combined with lots of community amenities to enjoy.

When you see what Clermont has to offer it’s not hard to understand why these communities highlighted are trending so strongly.

Isn’t it time you checked them out for yourself and see what you are missing out on?