How To Create A Beautiful Garden Space

Good Garden furniture is essential for your outdoor living space. Whether you want to dine outside, lounge around the pool or read your book in a hammock. As the weather warms up and we are excited to be outside in the sunshine again, it is important to have a garden space that you enjoy spending time in. Our newest location in Epping has landscaping, building, and garden supplies. Here are our tips to create a beautiful garden space for you to enjoy no matter what the size or layout is. 

Tip One: Decking

Adding a deck to your outside space is an ideal way to get the most out of your space, and this can be done on a budget. For all those who don’t love to maintain a garden then a deck is your outdoor answer. Add some comfortable pillows and sun loungers and you have just made yourself a truly relaxing space. Having a deck also creates space as it feels like an extension of your indoor living area, giving the option of an al fresco dining area for those warm nights. 

Tip Two: Try Bringing Those Black Accents Outside

Traditionally black furniture and accessories have belonged inside the home. By bringing a touch of black outside it creates a fluid space both inside and outside. To achieve this look start with outdoor hanging lamps, a statement treatment outdoor table and matching chairs. Try adding complementary colours that also feature inside your home. Our favourite part of owning a black outdoor table is hosting beautiful outdoor dining parties and lining your candles and floral arrangements through the middle of the table. 

Tip Three: Add Greenery

Frame the edges of your garden with beautiful concrete pots with oversized plants of all shapes and sizes. You can never have too many. Now that you have plants to look after, invest in buying a copper watering can. Not only will this help look after your plants but they also act as a great looking feature!. For garden care, you can contact garden care services from Santa Ana arborists

Tip Four: Add Warmth With A Fire Pit 

When the sun goes down and the nights get cool it can take you by surprise. A fire pit is definitely worth investing in and makes those cooler evenings so much more enjoyable for you and your guests. Think about the location of where you are going to place your new fire pit. Make sure it’s in a space where guests can easily access it and there is plenty of room to pull up chairs or benches. 

Tip Five: What’s Old Is New Again

It’s always nice to bring out your most loved special pieces for friends and family to enjoy. Mix in these treasures with your newly purchased pieces. Bring out your eclectic glassware and napkins against your new contemporary outdoor table. Mixing styles can create a rustic charm to your outdoor living space. This is also a great way to incorporate some colour and texture to your updated space. 

Tip Six: Extra Seating

Outdoor ottomans are arguably the most comfortable outdoor seating to relax on. Ottomans are the pieces everyone who loves entertaining should own. They are ideal for those days when you are entertaining friends and family. Your guests can use these as seats, a place to rest their food and drinks or put up their feet. There is a wide range of ottomans on the market to choose from size, colour and styles. Not only are they functional, they double as a good looking outdoor statement accessory. 

Tip Seven: Garden Wall

A great way to incorporate greenery if you have a smaller space is to create a garden outdoor wall. Outdoor walls are a great canvas to build on with lush plants and flowers. You can tailor your garden wall to the way you like it. Create wall panels and shelves or use iron hooks to display your florals. This is a great way to add more colour to your space if you feel like it’s lacking, otherwise stick to deep green oversized plants for a classic look. 

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