7 Home Improvement Tips for 2021

Home improvement projects are something of a national pastime in America. Homeowners spend around $400 billion annually on them. Of course, some of those projects fall squarely into the necessary repair category.

For many homeowners, though, home improvements focus on improving quality of life in some way. You want more space or more efficient appliances. Maybe you want a smart home that can you can run all but remotely.

If you’re considering home improvement projects for this year but know what to do yet, keep reading. We’ll show you seven easy or cool home improvement ideas you can use in your home.

1. Plumbing Upgrade

When it comes to home improvements, plumbing doesn’t usually top anyone’s list. Yet, a plumbing upgrade can measurably improve your life. For one thing, a lot of older homes come with older cast iron, steel, or even lead pipes.

Lead creates obvious problems. Steel and iron can corrode and diminish water quality, as well as reduce water pressure. Upgrading your pipes to PVC, PEX, or even copper piping can immediately boost your water quality and water pressure. It may even add a little value to your home when you decide to sell.

2. Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular options when it comes to home improvement ideas to add value. One of the key reasons is that kitchen trends come and go. For example, stainless steel appliances remain a popular choice for kitchen appliances.

Yet, appliances can last decades in some cases. If you didn’t remodel your kitchen when you moved in, your appliances can look extremely dated. That makes your home less appealing to potential buyers.

Fortunately, you don’t need a full-blown kitchen remodeling project to make your kitchen shine. Fresh paint, new hardware on the cabinets, and new appliances can give your kitchen a facelift at a reasonable cost.

Even minor kitchen remodeling projects show a solid return on investment of around 80 percent.

3. Embrace the Paint

Paint is the unsung hero of weekend home improvement projects. It’s also an underrated tool in the home improvement arsenal.

You can get primer and paint at extremely reasonable prices. You can generally get all the tools and supplies you need at any home improvement outlet. If you take on the painting project yourself, that where the financial outlay ends.

Yet, a new coat of paint in a new color can make a room feel entirely different. Simply go from a darker to a lighter shade of the same neutral color can make a room feel bigger.

Don’t think you can spare the time for painting a whole room. Pick one wall and repaint that a different color for an accent wall.

4. Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is another popular choice for projects that add value. In fact, bathroom remodels rival kitchen remodels for ROI.

You get value from a bathroom remodel for much the same reason that kitchen remodels pay off. Trends change.

For example, tile sizes come in and out of fashion. Small tiles give way to large tiles. Plain tiles give way to patterned tiles.

You also see changes in technology, such as low-flow toilets. Installing water-conserving toilets and faucets can make your home more appealing for buyers.

5. HVAC Upgrade

Your HVAC system likely doesn’t get much attention from you, unless you make yearly maintenance checks a priority. It makes sense. As long as it keeps heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, there’s no problem.

Of course, HVAC systems lose efficiency over time as the hardware wears out. Plus, new systems typically prove more efficient than older systems were straight out of the box.

An HVAC upgrade also gives you a chance to ensure that your system is right-sized for your home and integrates well with any smart systems you use.

HVAC system replacements aren’t a DIY project. You’ll need an HVAC pro, such as https://www.schneidermechanical.com/, to install the new system.

6. Outdoor Living

With the Covid pandemic keeping so many people at home for the last year, many homeowners took a harder look at their outdoor living options. For example, a covered patio or pergola can make spending time outside more pleasant.

You can also look at options like an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens range from fairly simple to extremely complicated, but typically include a few must-have items, such as:

  • Gas grill
  • Small refrigerator unit
  • Trash can
  • Dry goods storage

If you want to take things up a notch, you can also look into fancier options like outdoor pizza oven, brick bbq grill, flat griddle, smoker, and even open burners. Brick oven grills are one of the most versatile cooking appliances available on the market.

7. New Windows

A lot of homeowners shy away from new windows as a home improvement project. Why? Getting new windows installed is a very disruptive process.

You need to clear everything away from the windows on the inside. It’s a loud and potentially time-consuming project. There is also the haunting dread in the homeowner’s heart that pulling out the windows will expose some very expensive problems with the house structure.

Yet, new windows can prove a boon in terms of your home’s energy efficiency. Double and triple-pane windows preserve the warm and cool air inside your home far better than older, single-pane windows. New windows also reinforce the seals around the window frame itself, which can reduce drafts.

Picking the Right Home Improvement Tips for Your Home

There are countless home improvement tips out there that range from the supremely practical to ones aimed entirely at making your life more convenient. So, how do you choose?

Always starts with the necessities. While installing a new patio might seem like more fun long-term, replacing old windows or upgrading a decaying HVAC system will prove more beneficial.

Once you knock out the necessities, though, then consider your overall quality of life. If an outdoor kitchen will enhance family time, it’s a great choice.

Looking for more home improvement ideas? Head over to our projects section for more ideas.