7 Questions to Ask an Electrician Before Shaking Hands

Bad wiring is the type of problem that is better resolved sooner rather than later. An electrician is the ultimate answer, but not without adequate research. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask a few questions about the work being done.

1. How Much Will This Cost?

After the initial estimate, getting a clear answer on this should happen before signing a contract. At Bayside electrician, the type of work needed comes with clear details. Knowing the details of the work allows consumers to make a judgment call on its value. If the price is steep, then there is a logical reason to back it up.  

2. Will the Home Be Damaged?

Always ask about home damage, and who will be in charge of the repairs. Don’t assume that repairs are part of the work contract. All electricians are different, and no two projects are the same. If a lot of construction work needs to be done, make sure you’re covered with the electrician’s contract or a third-party contractor.

3. How Long Do You Respect Quotes?

If you’re shopping around for the best price, then keep in mind that all quotes have a time limit. Ask about the expiration of quotes the moment you get them. This is a simple question that should come with a straight answer. There is no such thing as an infinite quote since electricians can’t predict additional damage before the contract starts.

4. Is This a Long-term Fix?

A low price may be enticing if you don’t inquire about the details of the job. Be blunt about the work by asking if it is a short-term or long-term fix. A short-term fix is a half measure that temporarily resolves the problem. A long-term fix solves the problem and prevents it from reoccurring in the future. Usually, the high price of a long-term fix is financially justified by the work done.

5. Are You Licensed?

A qualified electrician will have a license as part of their professional etiquette. Without a license, you are hiring an unqualified contractor. Dealing with the wiring of any house or building is intricate work. Without an understanding of the specifics, a contractor could cause irreparable damage to the property. Consumers should never be afraid to ask for proof of a license to ensure that an electrician’s training is up to date.

6. Does the Job Require a Permit?

The scope of a contractor’s job may require you to get a permit. If jobs require significant work like complete rewiring, then expect a visit from the state inspector. Thankfully, electricians handle the entire process of getting a permit and ensuring the inspection passes with flying colors.

7. Do You Have Proof of Insurance?

This is one of those questions that customers forget to ask. Proof of insurance makes sure that you’re not liable if a professional gets injured while on the job. This is a major deal that can save you a trip to court if something goes wrong.

It’s A Hard Job

A quick conversation will tell you everything about the professionalism of a worker. In order to be satisfied with an electrician, you have to be comfortable with their work. Competent electricians are a treasure, and it’s your responsibility to find the right one.