How to Prioritize Home Projects?

We all want to have a beautiful and functional home, but deciding which projects deserve the most attention can be difficult. You may find yourself going down rabbit holes of finding out about new products or visiting websites that show you how to do things like install flooring or paint a room on your own.

The reality is that these are expensive endeavors and time-consuming tasks, so it’s important to take the time to prioritize what needs to get done first based on our priorities. So here are some questions for you to answer in order of most pressing need:

Consider the impact of the renovation on your home’s resale value: 

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How will your renovations affect the home’s resale value? How does this compare to other factors on this list, like how long it would take or what you want it to look like? Knowing this will help you determine how much effort you need to put in ahead of time.

Consider the impact of your renovation on lifestyle: How will this change how you live in the home? If it’s something like adding outdoor living space or opening up a wall to make the kitchen, family room, and dining area open concept, these changes may have significant impacts on how you use and enjoy the home now. It might be worth considering other renovations before doing them as they may not get used at all if they don’t fit with what you want out of life going forward.

Consider time commitment: 

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How much time are you willing to commit every week for a project of that type? How many hours per day over the course of, say, six months could you realistically put into one thing without feeling overwhelmed and resentful during those eight-hour workdays when all I really wanted was some peace and quiet. How much time is realistic for you to spend on your home? How much do these projects take up in terms of weekends or evenings out per week, and how does that fit with the lifestyle goals you’ve set together.

What’s the size: How big will this project be (in square feet)? How many rooms are there in my house? How many hours would it realistically require me to complete each day over a six-month period before I could consider enough done so that I can move onto something else without feeling like everything is half-finished? How long should it take realistically based on experience if I was able to put full effort into one thing at a time instead of constantly switching back and forth between multiple things?

Will hiring a professional designer be a good choice? 

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How much would it cost to hire a designer for an entire six-month period? How long would the process take with a professional coming in once or twice per week, and how many design consultations will I need before we start planning out my home renovation project(s)? Besides, if you want to renovate the entire house, then it is better to find custom home designs from professionals in the field of design.

Does my bathroom need updating? How will the renovation process go for my bathroom with a major change like this, and how much time should be allotted to it? And, what are some options that could help me financially in meeting this goal? How much would it cost to install a new shower? How about a bathtub in my bathroom so I can soak after work every day, and how long will that take?

Which room needs updating the most? How does one go about prioritizing home renovations projects when they have multiple rooms on the wish list. What is the process for renovating bedrooms, for instance? And what are some ways to make them more comfortable in terms of design and function while still saving money where possible?

Decide what’s most important to you: 

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are you more concerned about energy efficiency or the look of your home as a whole? How can you save on home renovation projects? Do I need permits or inspections for my project(s)? If so, how should they be handled, and where should I start? How do I tackle the home renovation projects that are most important to me? How much money should I set aside for my project(s)?

Decide about your long-term plans: Whether you want to turn your house into something luxurious or make it a rental property, the longer-term your goals, the more you’ll need to invest in it. How much money can I afford for home renovation projects? What kind of timeline do I want?

Do a little research: It’s best not to make decisions about home renovations before doing some quick research on what other people have done and why they made those choices. How will my budget be affected based on how long these might take or additional costs that may come up during construction/renovation? Can I work with someone who has lots of experience renovating homes like me (i.e., a contractor)?

Prioritize which projects will make the biggest difference in your life: for example, if it’s too cold outside to enjoy your backyard, focus on upgrading insulation instead of landscaping features. Contrarily, if you want to have a home office space, think about how you might need to reorganize closets or storage areas.

Think about your future decisions: Consider any future plans that may impact your home renovation decisions (for instance, if you’re planning to move soon), this might still be a good decision as it will add value to your home.

How does this renovation fit within our family goals and intent: 

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For example, if you’re expecting another child soon, then consider whether renovating will make sense now versus waiting until they reach an age where their opinion can be taken into account.


The most important thing to remember when prioritizing projects that need to be tackled in your home is setting priorities based on what matters the most.