How To Build A Home Entertainment Center

When the outdoors seems too hot and uncomfortable for you and your loved ones, having a home theater to relax in is a great alternative to kill time and have fun together. Nothing beats watching movies while munching on some popcorn and sipping cold drinks for family quality time. Fun times, indeed. It’s one of the best reasons why having a home entertainment center is a valuable addition to your home.

Whether your family loves playing games, watching movies, singing karaoke, or simply listening to the chill music on your audio equipment, all these activities can be enhanced when you design a secluded entertainment space. But how do you start building it exactly? Check out the following guidelines to get you started in creating your dream home entertainment center.

Plan Your Layout

The first thing you need to do is create a floor plan for your home entertainment center project. Decide whether you want a backyard movie theater, an indoor entertainment living room space, or to designate a separate area in your home for it. To get things smoothly done, you’ll need to research and write down all the equipment you need and the contractors who will install them. 

In designing a layout, it’s best to measure and know how much space you have. This will guide you on what devices and furniture to buy and where to place them. Measure out your room to make sure everything is proportionate. By doing this, you can ensure an ergonomically and beautifully-designed layout. 

Invest In Comfortable Seating And Furniture 

Enjoy watching movies by investing in comfortable furniture. You can spruce up your living room with the help of cushioned seats. Consider choosing recliners with consoles for that sleek yet cozy look for your home entertainment center. Depending on your preferred seat design, you can go for sectionals, pull-out sofa beds, camelback, or cabriole. There are so many designs that are perfect for the comfort and entertainment of your guests and family. 

You can go for modular furniture that won’t take much floor space if you have limited space. Some cushioned seats have additional built-in features, such as storage or a coffee table. A table with chairs is highly preferable if many members of your household enjoy playing board games together. Consider quality, design, functionality, and durability in whatever furniture you want to get.    

Purchase Quality Home Theater Equipment 

The next thing to prepare for is your home theater equipment. These are the vital components of your entertainment center. Ensure to buy the best ones as they can make or break your entertainment activities. Here are two of the most crucial pieces of equipment to invest in:


The size, resolution, and location of your TV will determine the quality of your home theater. In choosing the size of your TV, consider the distance between your seat and the wall where you will put your TV.

A smaller TV’s high resolution won’t be visible if your seats are positioned far from the screen. On the other hand, if the seats are too close to the big screen, it would be uncomfortable to watch movies while tilting your head at a 180-degree angle. Therefore, determine where it will be placed and hung when deciding on the right size and resolution features. 

Sound System 

Another vital piece of equipment to pay attention to is the sound system. Consider how many speakers to install and where they will be positioned. You can look for inspirations online to create an adequate sound system layout for your home theater. You can even soundproof the area if you wish to.

A typical sound system layout includes a center channel speaker that is elevated above and side speakers that are placed a few feet in front of and parallel to the viewer. You can stick to this typical layout or design a different one that is more suitable for your needs. 

Don’t Overlook The Lighting 

Proper lighting is critical when designing a home entertainment center. This secluded space requires a unique lighting system that comes with dimming control options, so you can dim the lights as soon as the movie starts. However, it’s also important to choose one that can illuminate the room during parties and gatherings. 

You can choose between the different lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights, hanging lights, floor lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling lights. All these come in different designs and colors. You can decide to place them in various locations to help illuminate the space effectively when necessary.

Add Home Entertainment Cabinets And Shelving 

A home entertainment center must have a lot of storage space for DVDs, remote controls, game consoles, board games, and other items. The selection is extensive, and you can use different cabinets and shelves perfect for your media needs. 

Keep in mind that these cabinets and shelves also contribute to the aesthetic feel of your entertainment center, so consider opting for those that are perfect for the overall living room design.


Build your entertainment center with the guide of these steps, and get ready to make the most of your movie nights and quality times with your loved ones. Remember to plan your layout and invest in quality furniture, equipment, lighting, and storage so you can turn your living space into everyone’s favorite spot. 

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