Living Room Dilemma: Spruce up Your Living Room With the Help of Cushions

Your living room is without a doubt an essential room in your house and should be impeccable. This is the space where your guests and loved ones are entertained. Moreover, this is where you as a family would spend the most amount of time together.

Therefore, it’s an absolute must that your living room is tastefully decorated to improve the quality of time spent there. You must change things up once in a while to keep things exciting and follow basic rules like ample lighting and proper use of accessories

While you cannot change heavy furniture like sofas, coffee tables, and daybeds frequently, you can always spruce up the space using art, showpieces, and other accessories like cushions. Here we will tell you how to use pillows to add an interesting dimension to your living room.

Say No to Matching Cushions

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to keep the matching cushions that come with your sofa. Unless you’re decorating a more formal place like an office or waiting room, donate those matching cushions right away. You wouldn’t want lumpy-looking furniture with all those blended-in cushions in your living room, would you?

Instead, play a little mix and match to add color, texture, and depth to your living room. As a general rule of thumb, pick pillows that will complement other colors in the room and contrast with the color of your couch. This will add character to your living space without looking out of place.

Choose a Suitable Color Palette

Consider this the most critical step in the process of selecting cushions to decorate the living room. The right color palette will bring all elements in your room together and give it an elegant look. If your living room has a lot of furniture, artwork, ornamental decorations, and other trinkets, things may look very hectic. This can be resolved by choosing the right color palette.

To do this, sit smack dab in the middle of the room and take a look around. You will immediately notice 2-3 colors that will stand out to you. These could be the curtain, color of the wall, and other such details. Once you have zeroed down on the most prominent colors in your living space, you can choose complementing colors for your cushions to pull together everything subtly.

After identifying the dominant colors in your living room, use an online color palette generator to choose the best color scheme for your cushions. These online tools use AI to generate a color palette with shades that complement each other and make your job easier. This will help you with your cushion purchase.

Get Your Cushions

You can either head to a nearby cushion retailer to check them out personally or use an online service like to pick your new cushions and cushion covers. The latter’s benefit is that you can get various pillows in different shapes and sizes with a vast collection of colors to pick from. It’s easier to get exact color matches for your chosen palette if you shop online. 

Additionally, these expert cushion services also specialize in custom-made cushions to best fit your living room aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, don’t stick to similar size and shape to avoid monotony. Tap into your creativity and play mix-and-match with the shape and size. 

Combinations like using a mix of patterned and solid colors in different shapes will add depth to your living room. Play with shapes like bolsters, rectangles, squares, and even triangles.

Decide the Number of Cushions

The number of cushions will depend on whether you want a traditional or eclectic style. Experts suggest that for the former, you must choose an even number of pillows and an odd number for the latter. Decide upon the style you want to get an idea of how many you may need.

As for the exact number, it ultimately depends upon the number and size of furniture in your living room. Use your judgment to arrive at the number for each piece of furniture. One rule to follow is that if you have to remove a pillow to make space to sit, then that’s one too many cushions. Usually, one cushion for chairs, four for two-seaters, five for three-seaters, and so on works very well.

Experiment With Arrangements

Lastly, how you arrange the cushions will give the final touch to the living room. There’s no set-in-stone rule for the arrangement of pillows. However, if you’re going for the traditional style, having one or two matching cushions on each end of the sofa works very well. 

As for the modern style, the sky is your limit as there are no rules. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with a unique and good-looking arrangement. In the case of the eclectic style, you have the freedom to experiment with a particular layout for a few days and switch up again if you don’t like it.

To conclude, the living room is the space where you spend most of your time, and only you get to decide what it should look like. By following the above tips, you will be able to tie up all elements in the space together and create a sense of harmony. This will make it look elegant to your guests and help you feel good when you spend time in it.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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