How Well do Water-Based Air Purifiers Work

As technology continues to gain root globally, experts are also busy inventing cost-efficient solutions in different industries. Water-based air purifiers emerge as the modern and cost-efficient devices that help to reduce air pollutants in households. Air pollutants include things like pollen, cooking odors, mold, dust, and mites. 

Reducing air pollutants in households is of importance, especially to people suffering from respiratory disorders. These devices run silently in our rooms to ensure we take in the only fresh air.

Apart from purifying air, they also aromatize as well as humidify the air around us. But then, how well do water-based air purifiers work? Let’s discuss further the functions of these devices to show readers why they are of value. 

How Well Do Water-based Air Purifiers Work?

 The era we live in leads in terms of inventions and innovations. As we reap big from the new things, we should also mind a lot about our health. Nowadays, most of the air people inhale has a lot of foreign agents. These foreign agents in the air lead us into severe health complications that kill if not handled immediately. 

 With a water based air purifier for clean indoor air, we get assured of breathing in only the freshest air. But how well do water-based air purifiers work? As they are of great importance in our houses, we shall discuss more about them herein. Our discussion shall provide you more insight into why families need to invest in these devices.  

How Well Do Water-based Air Purifiers Work?

 Before we discover more about these devices, let’s have a little insight into how they work. Now, these devices work by moving the air around through water and its filters. The resultant air is freshest and safe for breathing. Consequently, water-based air purifiers also work as excellent humidifier alternatives around. They tend to purify and also moisten air around so that we don’t breathe in dry air. 

 As from what we have in mind now, they operate easily and naturally to purify and humidify the air. But how well do these devices work? Times back, the traditional HEPA air purifiers did all an excellent task of humidifying households’ air. These devices employed mechanical filters to execute their function. 

Conventional filters were specially designed to get rid of small air pollutants in households. However, water-based air purifiers do greater than that. They not only clean the air in our homes but also re-freshen it for us. Below is a hint of the combination of things that makes them worth devices in our households. 

 Humidification of Light

 Water-based air purifier manufacturers recommend opening these devices throughout if we need to breathe in only the freshest air. When running, they release a significant amount of moisture that later increases humidity. However, there is a need to stay a distance from the device since you will experience higher humidity levels. We don’t mean that the devices do a great job than humidifies in regulating humidity levels. They help to regulate humidity but humidifiers are ahead of them in performing such a task. 

 Purification of Light Air

Apart from playing the role of humidifying the air, they also help to purify light air. Conventional air purifiers employed the filtering mechanism to purify the air in the environment. However, water-based options mark themselves different in a way. They employ water as their filters to clean air. Even though their efficiency is lower than purifiers using mechanical filters, they are worth investing in. They trap pollutants in the air having small spaces. For effective results, ensure you are closest to the breathing space. 

Freshening Air

Apart from the above benefits, water-based air purifiers do a great job to aromatize the air we breathe. By this, we mean that they diffuse the aromatic sweet smells of essential oils into the surrounding air. But how do these devices carry such a function? 

Most of these devices combat several essential oils in the market. You only require to purchase the one with the sweetest aroma and set them for use. Take a few drops of the essential oil of choice to the water basin to make the air more refreshing and pleasant.

How Well Do Water-based Air Purifiers Work?

People Who Should Invest in Water-based Air Purifiers

 As we have noted, these devices can serve several advantages. They cater the needs of people who need to breathe fresh air. Moreover, they form essential devices for more refreshing and fragrant air. Let’s be more specific. Water-based air purifiers are devices for every individual. However, few can greatly benefit from them. They include;

  • People who have asthma and other forms of mild allergies
  • Individuals working in areas where air becomes stagnant or generally in enclosed spaces.
  • For those who live with pets. They use these devices to reduce pet smells in their surrounding
  • People who live near smokers or with smokers

 Advantages of Water-based Air Purifiers

 Purifiers have a lot of advantages. Their affordability makes them the preferable options in the market. Most people would buy both the humidifier and air purifiers separately. However, the water-based air purifier is an under one roof device. This device cleans air as well as moisten it for users. So, you can save a lot of coins by purchasing a water-based air purifier to serve you all the purposes. 

 Consequently, unlike other air purifiers using mechanical filters, water-based air purifiers employ water as their filters. Using these purifiers don’t need to replace filters. Moreover, they provide a long term and effective service.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to use and maintain these devices. Add water and your aromatic essential oil drops into the basin. Complete the process by turning it on and enjoy freshened air. Maintaining them just requires dumping used water and cleaning the basin. 


So, how well do water-based air purifiers work? Water-based air purifiers are not just purifiers but also humidifiers. Apart from doing an excellent task to purify the air we breathe, they also serve the purpose of moistening it. Avoid spending money purchasing separate devices for these purposes. Water-based air purifiers make worthwhile devices to invest in.