Great Ideas For Your Home Pool To Make It Clean And Safe For Your Family

A home pool is easily one of the best things that you can add to your home to increase its attractiveness. We all love enjoying the swimming pool with our family during the summers, yet maintaining such a large body of water on the premises of our residence is no easy task. You have to constantly consider its hygiene and safety, especially if you have kids around. It can be a tiresome experience for new owners to juggle all of these problems at once.

We’re going to take a look at the most essential tips and tricks that you can utilize to guarantee that your swimming pool stays in pristine condition all year round. So take your notepads and start jotting down the important points listed below.

1. Maintain the Chemistry

For a safe and comfortable experience, you need to ensure that the chemistry of the water in your pool is well maintained. There are many easy-to-use kits available on the market these days that help you conduct water testing at home to identify its state. Proper water chemistry will help ensure that there is no bacterial or parasitic presence in your pool water.

You can also check your pool’s pH levels with these kits and your goal should be to maintain a pH of around 7.2 to 7.6. If your pool’s pH drops below this mark then you need to add more chlorine to the pool, and if it rises above 8.0 then it’s time to raise the acidity a bit so that chlorine stays active.

2. Shock the Water

This might come across as a bit too extreme but occasionally shocking your pool will help you keep the water clean and clear. You might want to limit this method only during the night since it’ll ensure that no one is around to get affected.

Shocking at night will also ensure that the sunlight doesn’t degrade chlorine which is necessary for chlorine-based shocking. It has the added benefits of eliminating nitrates which can be present in your pool due to birds or humans defecating in it. Human defecation does sound disgusting but it actually happens.

3. Put a Fence in

If you have a toddler or a pet you don’t want loitering around the pool then investing in a fence will be a wise decision. Kids are especially at a higher risk of drowning with an open pool that they can easily have access to. And pets can also cause other issues like getting drenched and walking into the house with water dripping from their body.

In both of these cases, you’ll need to invest in a proper fence. The fences these days come in a variety of designs fit for one’s liking. You can opt for aluminum tubular fencing, for instance. According to the team behind Clear Choice Pool Fencing, you can go for a fence made beautifully from glass to give your pool a modern look. The fences are usually available in frameless and semi-frameless designs so that you can choose the aesthetic that you prefer.

4. Skimming

Regularly skimming the pool will ensure that all the physical debris is removed before it turns into a larger problem. The debris can result in the development of bacteria, nitrates, and might even clog your filters. If you just skim the pool once a day then you’ll be able to avoid all of these problems and ensure that the filter works properly.

5. Use a Cover 

If you have a kid in the house then consider investing in a rigid cover for your swimming pool; better if it’s a motorized one. A home pool cover might be a considerable investment but your child’s life is more valuable than that. Another benefit of this addition to your pool is if you use a solar pool cover, you’ll be able to save on pool heating costs.

Make sure that the pool is enclosed with a pool enclosure when not in use, even during the swimming season.Parents can’t supervise their kids at all times, but a cover will make sure that you have control over the area when your child has access to it.

6. Check the Filters

A filter does much more than just catching the dirt and debris that accumulates in your pool. The swimming pool filters maintain a constant flow and circulation of water that helps to keep the water fresh. Stagnant water is the perfect breeding spot for many types of bacteria and algae, so pool water that’s continuously getting filtered can easily avoid these problems.

Maintaining a swimming pool definitely is a time-consuming task and requires you to spend a little bit of time every day to keep the pool functioning in good shape. Failure to do so may result in a swimming pool that doesn’t feel very inviting or hygienic. These tips mentioned above can help you get started with the basic cleaning and safety practices. Follow them every day, and you can rest assured that your pool will keep looking pristine all year long.

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