Functional Furniture Perfect for Small Homes

Many functional, space-saving, and multi-purpose furniture are perfect additions to tiny homes, including studio apartments. If you have limited space in your place, this type of furniture will help make the most out of it. They are also chic and contemporary, so you don’t have to give up or compromise on the aesthetics. Here are some of the must-have furniture for your small home.

Coffee table that converts to dining table

Some coffee tables have tops that you can lift to serve as a dining table. If you have a tight space where your living room serves as the dining area, this furniture is the right fit. They can also work as extra storage, which is another function that you will love for your limited space—the more storage, the better to keep your things neat and make your place clutter-free. A messy home can make it smaller than it already is. 

Adjustable dining table

It’s typical furniture that you will find in tiny homes. However, you can adapt this in your place, and it will be a huge space-saver. From a small table that will sit you and your partner, you can convert an adjustable dining table to make it longer and have room for your guests. When not extended, it can also serve as your countertop where you do all the cooking prep. 

Bunk bed

Compared to a traditional bed, a bunk bed will give you space for other things like a study table and chair, vanity mirror, and cabinets. It is ideal if you have minimal space in your bedroom. For the cabinets, consider having them customised like those that you can find at The contractor will measure your space, build a bespoke wardrobe that will fit perfectly, and make the best use of every corner and inch available. That’s hard to find on ready-made cabinets that you buy in your local furniture shop. 

Daybed and futon

If you are afraid of heights, and sleeping on a bunk bed doesn’t excite you, how about getting a daybed? A daybed serves as a sofa and bed in one. Put some throw pillows to function as a sofa during the daytime. Then come night-time, you can move the throw pillows and replace them with your regular pillows, plus your blanket, and it’s ready for your sleeping time. Some also have a pull-out bed under that could serve as a second bed if someone is sleeping over or if you have a housemate. Others have cabinets to use as extra storage. 


It’s multi-purpose furniture that has been a home favourite, whether for small or big properties. Besides its primary function as a seat, you can also use it as a footstool. Place it in front of a couch and rest your feet on top for a relaxing experience. You can also use it as a centre table. Like a coffee table, it could also have a compartment that you can use as storage. 

Floor lamp with table

A floor lamp not only gives light but also provides a decorative touch to your space. Make it more functional by getting one that comes with a table. It’s not a huge table, but it’s a small one that’s still good enough to hold your coffee cup. Put it on the side of the couch or bed, and enjoy the convenience of having your coffee next to you while reading your favourite book. 

Corner shelf for staircase

If you have a staircase, the corners are usually empty spaces. Make the most of these areas with a corner shelf designed for the stairs. You can also have it custom-built. 

Picking the right furniture will bring comfort for their functionality and make your home look put together and appealing, especially with their modern designs. 


Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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