A DIY Guide For a Thick, Green Lawn

Being a homeowner means you are able to enjoy a lush, green lawn all year long, and which many enjoy between the toes. Or perhaps you saw the neighbor´s lawn and thought you would like to have the same green appearance that they enjoy. The good thing is that when you have strategies in mind concerning lawn care, you will be able to increase the health of the lawn so that it becomes a lot greener than before. 

During the hot summer months, you need to make sure that all of the important things are completed that will help your lawn stay healthy even without hiring lawn care companies like https://www.schwartzlawncare.com/areas-served/st-charles. The following 7 tips will easily keep your lawn thick and green.


1. Keep Your Lawn Mowed The Right Way

When you mow your lawn you need to be doing it the right way. Many think there is no right way but there really is. In fact, the method you use to mow can have a huge difference on the way it looks. This is especially true when it comes to having your grass become thick.

In order to maintain the green of your lawn, a good thing to remember is to not cut the grass short. If it is cut short, then a lot of strain is put on the lawn. When too much strain is placed on the grass it can cause it to become yellow or a very dull shade of green. 

What you want to do is cut only a third of the grass at a time. You also want to keep the grass height at a max of 4¨. In order to maintain a proper cut you need to ensure that the blades of the mower are kept sharp. 

2. Maintain Proper Watering of the Grass

Just like all other plants, your grass needs water in order to maintain its lush green appearance. This also means the amount of water needs to be correct as well as the amount of times for the watering.

The best time for watering the grass will always be in the early hours of the morning either right around sunrise. This time of morning allows the roots of the grass to soak up the amount of water provided. Then, when the sun begins to rise, any extra water will evaporate so that no disease will occur.

Your objective with the watering is to water enough without over-watering so that the grass is soaked perfectly. You want to make sure to water at least once weekly if there has not been any rain lately.

A good hour of watering will be sufficient enough to allow your lawn and soil to get a nice drink

3. Provide An Acceptable Amount Of Fertilizer

Every lawn needs a certain amount of extra nutrition in order to maintain their wonderful green health. Eventually, the nutrition found in soil will be gone and will require the help of a fertilizer or not have enough to maintain its green and eventually die.

With fertilization, it can also seem profound when there are so many choices for fertilizer. When it comes to fertilizer, it consists of many different nutrients vital to grass health, these include potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. With a good mix of these nutrients your lawn is able to maintain its green. Not only that, but when you want your grass to be thicker you need to be able to time the application of the supplemental fertilizer. 

4. Testing the Soil of the Lawn

By testing the soil you are taking an important step to determine the exact nutrients your soil needs in order to help your grass remain green and thick. 

A good example of this is to determine the ph of the soil and implement a fertilizer with an equal ph balance. If you don´t, then you will not be achieving anything if the ph is of poor quality. 

You need to be able to recognize if the lawn is too acidic or not. If your ph balance is off, then incorporating limestone will be able to correct it so it’s at the proper level.

Plus, if you are unsure of how testing the soil is conducted, then you need to get in touch with a lawn care professional. They should be able to perform free tests of the soil.

5. Eliminating Lawn Pests

Having lawn pests such as insects and weeds can run havoc on a lawn. By eliminating these your lawn will be able to thrive and remain green for as long as you desire. When these are present it normally means your grass is not as healthy as it should be and when that happens, it opens a chance for these pests to invade. 

Many times different problems could come up which can lead to a weed invasion or the introduction of a certain insect that loves the grass type you have. By keeping on top of any problems you will be able to rectify them fast before they have a chance to get out of hand.

6. Have The Lawn Aerated And Then Reseeded

A lawn needs as much nutrients it can get and needs to be reaching the roots in order for the grass to remain green and thick. Aerating the lawn occasionally will help alleviate any areas that have become dense. This density is able to prevent the necessary nutrition. 

With aeration, the lawn will be able to breathe again and provides an opportunity to lay more seed in the holes that aeration creates. 

7. Take Care of the Spots That Are Shady

From time to time, certain types of problems simply do not go well with the growth of the lawn. This could be from many variables such as tree growth, where they created more shade and thus caused the sun to be limited for grass growth. In order to achieve a thicker, greener grass, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of nutrients, sun exposure, and water. If you eliminate any of these, then you will not be able to succeed. 

With the above tips on how to maintain a thick, green lawn, you´ll be able to enjoy your lawn for many years to come. Not only that but maintaining the home´s lawn will increase the overall value and curb appeal.

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