5 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning System

You’re sitting on your couch enjoying a nice quiet evening when all of a sudden, a loud rattling sound cuts through the silence. Upon further inspection, you realize that it’s your HVAC system. It’s time to call a repair company again. 

This is the third time in the past month that something has happened with your unit. It might be time to consider getting a new air conditioning system. 

Frequent repairs are hard on the wallet, and it’s only putting a small Band-Aid over the inevitable. Not sure if buying a new unit is the way to go quite yet? Check out this guide for a few more signs that your current one is breaking down. 

1. It Runs More Often 

When your AC unit starts to get old, you’ll notice that it cuts on often. It has to work a little harder than usual to regulate the temperature throughout your home. 

If your HVAC system isn’t that old, consider checking the coils and blower system before you call this service. Sometimes frequent running times have something to do with these parts giving out. 

If you check them and everything seems to be in order, go ahead and replace the unit. 

2. Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof

As technology advances, manufacturers come up with new energy-saving AC features. If you’re still using an old system, it will send your utility bills through the roof. 

When you see the price of an HVAC replacement, the savings might not seem worth it but trust us when we say that it’s the cheaper option in the long run. 

3. Your System Is Getting Up There in Years

Most HVAC units are only meant to last for up to 15 years at the most. This time frame can decrease depending on how often you use the unit. 

If you’re constantly running it because the weather in your area is hot, you may have to replace your system every 10 years or so instead of 15. 

4. It’s Making Loud Noises 

Older units tend to make a lot of noise, but it shouldn’t be excessive. If the blower sounds like it’s struggling to work or if it rattles and groans often, the issue could be a loose or broken part. 

If that’s the case, all you have to do is tighten or replace the part, and you’re good to go. If that’s not the problem, it might be time for you to look into air conditioner replacement. 

5. You Have to Get Frequent Repairs Done

Do you feel like your HVAC repair company knows you by name? Frequent repairs get costly on the wallet. It will be much cheaper for you to look into HVAC installation rather than put off the inevitable. 

Signs That You Need a New Air Conditioning System

Are you tired of the rattling noises your HVAC unit makes? Do you want to shave money off your utility bills? It might be time for you to look into getting a new air conditioner system. 

Doing so won’t only save you cash on your bills. Frequent repairs get expensive, so pick up the phone and schedule your installation today. 

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