Best Generator for Sod Cutter

Buying a sod cutter is the best way to remove the sod. It is available at reasonable prices and is easier to use too. But what generator to use with it? The answer is simple. A diesel portable generator is a perfect choice for you. The best portable generators give you significant advantages over any other type of generator or battery. Here is why you should get yourself a portable generator for your sod cutter. 

Little to No Maintenance

A portable generator that runs on diesel has a motor that is designed differently than the others. Because of the absence of a spark plug, they do not encounter any problems. The engine of a portable generator is efficient and runs smoothly too. It only requires refueling and some necessary maintenance once in a while. 

Great Power

These generators generate a lot of power for the small size of the engine. A small portable diesel engine will generate more power compared to a bigger natural gas generator. This is because of the energy value of diesel. 

Long Time Power

A portable generator can provide a significant amount of energy for a long time. This is because of the efficiency of a diesel portable generator. It consumes less fuel than an average natural gas generator. Also, a diesel generator runs smoothly. So, with nothing to interrupt it, it will give you a steady power supply and keep your work going. However, other generators can have several interruptions, and that causes power supply gaps in your work. This makes it irritating and often damages the generator too.

Safety First

Diesel portable generators require refueling after a certain amount of time. However, the typical natural gas generators require frequent fuelling. If you inhale that gas, it can be dangerous for your health and any other living being around you. In addition, having to fuel an engine again and again increases the chance of an accident occurring. Natural gas is also flammable, which means a potential risk of getting burned is always there. 

On the other hand, a diesel engine is not only less explosive but also requires fewer refuels, which is why it is a safer option than any other generator. 


A diesel portable generator is the best option for a sod cutter. You can easily remove unwanted grass and prepare your lawn or any other area. With this generator, your machine will run smoothly and work efficiently.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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