7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Enhance Your Home’s Security

Working hard, saving up, and buying our most prized possessions gives us a sense of pride when we can physically see why we put in all those work hours. Some of our most valuable items could be more sentimental, handed down from generation to generation.

When we look at everything we have accumulated over the years, we have this innate need to protect it. Ensuring a safer environment may pose a challenge, especially if the budget does not allow fancy alarm systems or other security measures.

Some neighborhoods may require added security to the home for everyone to have peace of mind, so here are some budget-friendly ways to enhance your home’s security without breaking the bank:

Secure Fencing

Having a sturdy fence around the property may deter thieves from targeting the home. Getting over the wall with stolen goods could delay their getaway and slow the burglar’s activity.

Although fences could be a considerable expense, some options would be cheaper than expected. The best way to get the proper fence installation for the home would be to contact multiple suppliers and ask about the different options available.

Sliding Door Safety

Intruders usually target these doors because they are relatively easy to pry open. Here are two budget-friendly ways to make the doors more secure and thwart their plans.

Using a towel rail, safely keeping the sliding door in place is made to look like child’s play. The rails are reasonably cheap at the local hardware store, and less than five minutes is spent getting it in place. Position the fence between the inner sliding door and the door frame to prevent it from sliding open, and there you have it!

Another way to secure the sliding door or windows, for that matter, would require slightly more effort. A pin lock is an inexpensive way to add even more security to the home. 

Proper Outdoor Lighting

A fully lit yard could keep thieves and intruders at bay, with the increased risk of being spotted while on the job, they may be less likely to try their luck.

Adding motion sensors to the lighting could help curb the costs as the lights would only switch on when needed. Another budget-friendly way of having lighting in and around the house after dark would be to use LED lighting instead of the traditional light bulbs. 

The amount of electricity needed to power these lights is way less than others, making it an excellent option to consider.

Connecting  lights to a timer could alleviate  the cost and rid  homeowners of the hassle of switching the lights on and off each day. Forgetting to switch off a light could use a lot of electricity, and having them operate automatically would be a great help.

Special Screws And Rivets

Burglars could easily remove door hinges, window fixtures, and locks if they used a screwdriver. So, special screws or rivets could be used to make them more secure.

A hex-head with tamper-proof screws or screws could be used in place of regular screws. It would make it more difficult for the intruders to get into the home quickly. If these screws are not available, consider using rivets instead.

Inexpensive Technology

Advances in technology have provided more solutions to customers with a limited budget. Door and window sensors have become cheaper to buy and can even be installed at home without assistance.

Another security technology that has become relatively affordable is a camera system compatible with a smartphone. These cameras connected could serve as an early warning system for homeowners and help identify the thieves later.

Install A Peephole

A peephole could be an excellent way to determine who is outside the door with very little installation know-how.

Brass patent lock and key. Accessories for securing front doors in the household. Dark background.

Look through the peephole first instead of opening the door and potentially putting yourself at risk. Local hardware stores should stock these budget-friendly options, and drilling a hole in the door should be all needed to install the peephole.

Reinforce The Strike Plate

Doors could be forced open with screwdrivers if not reinforced. Usually, the locking mechanism could be easily opened by intruders as the metal could bend out of place when force is applied.

Installing a reinforced strike plate could be an inexpensive way to ensure that doors are safer. The strike plates should be available at any store- stocking home security equipment or a hardware store. 

Securing It All

Increasing the security measures at home shouldn’t be an enormous headache than the stress about losing hard-earned possessions. With these handy tips on adding extra peace of mind to your home, anyone can do it themselves and save some money for their next purchase.

Better safe than sorry has a new budget-friendly meaning that offers no excuses for homeowners to stop thieves in their tracks.

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Khuwalid Khalid
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