Are Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights Reliable

For years, homeowners and business owners have been investing in motion sensor security lights to improve their homes or their business’s security. They can be used to scare off people from breaking into the property, and when installed alongside a security camera, they can be used to give the owner of the property a clearer image of the person trespassing. 

These days, people are well aware of the issues we face with the environment and global warming, so it is not surprising that lots of folks are purchasing products that rely on solar energy. However, many are wondering whether or not motion sensor lights powered by solar energy are reliable enough to secure a property, especially if the person’s family members are living inside?  When it comes to security, most people want to invest in equipment that works properly, so let’s take a closer look at these environmentally friendly security devices.

Solar Technology has Improved

When solar energy household items became popular approximately 15 years ago, the technology was still at its infancy. Since then, more and more people have been spending their hard earned money on solar products, and due to the demand, the technology has improved and many solar products readily available are a lot more reliable than they used to be. 

Because so many people are purchasing solar motion security lights there are a wide variety of different lights on the market. You are bound to find quilty lights that look suit the exterior of the building. 

The prices for solar motion lights seem to have dropped in recent years, so everybody can afford them. Most traditional light stores and stores that specialize in solar energy products often stock a small selection of solar sensor lights, however, online marketplaces and online stores that specialize in solar motion lights are probably your best option. These modern stores and marketplaces stock plenty of solar devices, and the prices are often lower than traditional stores so the chances of you finding one that suits your budget and suits the building that you are planning on installing the lights is higher. 

Do these Lights Work all of the Time

A big problem a lot of people find with motion sensors that are connected up to the mains of a house is when the electricity goes out, the lights won’t work. If there is a bad storm or heavy rain, the electricity might go out on the property, which can lead to a wide range of issues. With security cameras and sensor lights not working, if the damage is caused to the building during bad weather conditions, it will be very hard to prove to the insurance company damage was caused during the storm

By using lights that rely on the sunshine for energy, you don’t need to worry about your electricity cutting out. Even when the electricity is cut out throughout the property, it won’t have any effect on the solar motion sensors. 

Helps People Safely Navigate around the Property

People don’t have to touch or press a switch for these lights to turn on. Instead, they just have to move close to the light, so those who don’t know the property well will be able to see where they are going. For the elderly, disabled, or young children, trying to get from A to B in the dark, especially when they don’t know the way around the property can prove extremely dangerous. Even for those who own the property, trying to navigate in the dark is not that easy. Although most people install these lights to help boost security, they are great at preventing accidents too. 

These devices are ideal for those trying to park a car in the dark. Although drivers have lights in their vehicles, having extra lights can help reduce the risk of having an accident. They are great investments for those who own a garage, or those trying to park in tight areas.  


A lot of people avoid installing sensor lights in their homes and businesses because they worry about the cost of their utility bills increasing. The ongoing pandemic has had a terrible impact on the economy, so a lot of folks have found themselves in financial difficulty. In a lot of areas crime is on the rise, so investing in quality solar motion lighting can help secure your home without increasing the cost of your utility bills. Potential burglars and other unwanted guests often avoid breaking into properties that use motion sensors, so it is not surprising why so many people have invested in these lights in recent times. 
Before purchasing lights, consider reading reviews posted online first. If customers are happy with the motion lights they have bought, they will often post positive reviews on the web. If the customer is not satisfied, you should have no issues finding negative reviews on websites and social media platforms. Most of these motion sensors are simple to install, so property owners won’t have to hire someone to install these devices.