Is It Hard To Install a Home Security System By Yourself?

Home security systems are an important part of keeping your home and family safe. They can ward off burglars, and alert authorities if anyone attempts to enter your home without authorization. Many also come complete with other benefits like cameras, smoke detectors, and other important inclusions. They can give people a lot of peace of mind and help them feel comfortable at home.

Despite all of these benefits, less than 40% of Americans own a home security product of some kind. One reason that some families might be resistant to adding a home security system to their home is that they fear it will be difficult and expensive to install. But is that true?  Well, this article is going to look closely at the level of difficulty you should expect to experience when installing a home security system by yourself.


Is it Hard to Install a Home Security System By Yourself?

There is no doubt that an alarm system can be a confusing piece of technology, capable of doing a lot of different things. While there is a lot to know about your alarm system, such as the different ways to arm the system (more on that in this article by Alarm Grid), you will be happy to know that it is actually quite easy to install one by yourself.

In the past, most traditional alarm systems required a lot of wires to connect from the central keypad to sensors and other things. In most cases, this would require the assistance of professionals. Not only was it confusing, but would often require work behind the walls.

However, this is no longer the case today. Many modern systems are wireless and thus are incredibly easy to install in no time at all. Not only will you not need to fish a wire at all, but the entire process won’t take you more than a couple of hours normally. The whole cost will likely only be a couple of hundred dollars, but will depend on other additions you include, like cameras or additional sensors.

The Steps to Installing Your Own Home Security System


The first step is to install the panel. This will be the hub for your security system, and where you arm/disarm the system, make changes to the settings and more. While many can work wirelessly, this is often seen as the heart of the system. Generally, this is added close to a door and a power source.

Next, you need to go about placing the various sensors to keep your home safe. These will interact with your system and will be how the system identifies when someone is attempting to enter your home. They can be placed at doors, windows and other potential points of entry that you want to secure. If you have cameras and other detectors, be sure to put those in the right places as well.

Once the sensors and panel are up and connected, you want to be sure to test your system and ensure it is working properly. If you don’t do this step, nothing will happen if someone attempts to break into your home. Most providers will include the directions for testing within the owner’s manual, so be sure to check it out. If the system is working as expected, you’re all done and can rest assured that your home will be safer.

As you can see, installing a home security system by yourself is not only possible, but also quite easy. With a little bit of time, and a brief understanding of how the system works, installation should be a breeze.

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