Linen Shopping: Things to Know Before Buying Linen Sheets

How often do you shop for new bed linen sheets? You do not have to spend a fortune to buy additional linen sheets, but you have to ensure that the one you bought is worth every penny. But, how can you tell you are investing in the right linen sheets?

Before you head out, decide which linen store you will visit. Ask yourself if the linen store offers the type of color and pattern selection that you want. Moreover, be honest with yourself when it comes to budget. If the price matters more than the trendy designs, find the right place to source new linens.

You might have decided the best place to shop for linens. Now, here are the things you need to know before buying new linen sheets.

  1. Measure Mattress, Duvet, and Pillows

Manufacturers have standards in producing their products. You have to ensure that the linen sheets you are about to buy fits on your bed components. Use the proper measurement tools and write its exact measurements before heading to the bed linen store.

  1. Read the Fiber Content of the Linen Sheets

Before you head out, check the types of fabric and their differences. You can find plenty of information about it online. Knowing the best fabric and fiber content of the linen sheets helps you choose the most comfortable sheet of your preference. 

An excellent choice for linen sheets is those made of 100% cotton. Aside from its quality and softness, it is the most affordable option. However, if you are looking for a premium type, choose linen sheets made of extra-long staple (ELS) cotton. You can also choose the cotton and polyester combination.

  1. Check Care Instructions

Before you purchase the linen sheets, check the care instructions. The manufacturer and laundry expert recommend these cleaning and maintenance instructions. You have to follow the instructions religiously to keep the linens in a nice touch. 

It’s better to know whether the linen requires special cleaning rather than knowing after purchasing. Some linen requires dry cleaning, and it may affect your decision whether to have it or not. Thus, do not forget to check the care instructions.

  1. Understand Thread Count

You might wonder why you must check and understand the thread count of the bed linen you are after. Thread count measures and describes the quality of the bed linen. The thread count indicated on the linen details refers to the number of threads per square inch in both weave directions on the linen. 

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