Bedroom Decorating Ideas With The Use Of Posters

The bedroom is the comfiest place in your home. To add to its coziness, most often we use conventional décor items such as an artistic lampshade or say, lovely tapestries, to give the space a personal touch. 

However, you can ditch the ordinary and conjure an interesting look by using posters in your bedroom.


Here are some ideas to enhance your bedroom interiors using posters.

Add frames

Adding frames to your posters can instantly lift their appearance. Whether it is a poster of your favorite person, a place, or an abstract painting, framing it up can always help. You can go for the classic wooden frame and color it according to the theme of your room. You can also use the wrought iron frames, which also look quite elegant.

Coordinate colors

If you have some cool posters for your bedroom, make sure that they are color-coordinated with the other things present inside your room. Color coordination always does not mean that they have to be of the same color; they can be contrasting too. For example, if you have a neutral color tone in the room, adding a pop of red or yellow through the poster can be a great choice.

Modern minimalism 

The present era is all about going, minimalist. Please do not go overboard with your posters to take away all the focus of your bedroom. If you have space over your headboard, you can fill that area up with a relevant poster, but that does not mean you will fill all empty spaces in your bedroom with posters. Proper balance is an important aspect when you are decorating your bedroom.

Create a poster grid

To add a sophisticated touch to your bedroom, you can use several small posters and create a tight grid with them. The grid wall hangings always look very classy, and they are the perfect way to cover empty spaces. But before you create the grid, ensure that all your posters are framed properly. The concept will not look good without the frames.

Smooth symmetry 

You can use the same theme on posters of different sizes and put it symmetrically on the wall. For example, you can create five posters with the same theme, or they should be a continuation of the same picture. You can take two posters, and give them the same shape. It means two out of four posters will have the same size, and the middle fifth will be the biggest. Or it can go from small to big, with each poster having different sizes. The choice depends on your preference.

The main intention of using posters is to adorn your room with a look that befits it. As you are using these in your bedroom, ensure that it has a relaxing theme. Also, go for colors that you like. You can also decorate these posters by adding fairy lights all over them. It will add a lovely ambiance and make your bedroom look dramatically magical.


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