Where is the most affordable place to live in South Carolina?

South Carolina is a beautiful place to live. The state offers wonderful weather, scenic views, and more. However, this doesn’t come without a cost. South Carolina is one of the most expensive states in America to live in. This blog post will explore which city might be the best for those looking for affordable living costs in South Carolina.

  • West Columbia: This city has a population of around 67,000, and it’s located about 20 miles from Columbia. The median home price here is $129,900, which makes it one of the least expensive places for homeownership across all cities throughout the state as well as nationally.

In addition to this low cost, West Columbia also offers many amenities that can be found much more rarely among other towns or cities. It boasts lower crime rates than those seen in both Charleston and Greenville while offering close proximity to major highways such as I-77 and I-26, so traffic isn’t too much of an issue when commuting westward out towards Mount Pleasant or northward into Charlotte, respectively.

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  • Loris: Being home to around 11,000 people, Loris is not only one of the smallest towns that can be found in South Carolina, but it’s also one of the most affordable. With a median home value of $129,900 throughout all cities across America as well as within Loris itself, residents are able to enjoy many amenities without having to worry about breaking their wallets.

This city has been ranked among both Forbes and Money Magazine for offering some of the best jobs per capita while boasting an extremely low cost of living. It takes less than 30 minutes by car to reach either Myrtle Beach or Florence from here, making this town more convenient even when compared with larger surrounding areas. If living in Loris has been your dream, then make sure to check homes for sale in Longs SC, so that you get the best deal suitable for your budget.

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  • Mount Pleasant: Wherever you may be looking for life, Mount Pleasant might just have it all. It has recently been named one of America’s top places to retire by U.S News & World Report and also happens to rank high on various other lists, including those that indicate its affordability among many different quality-of-life factors such as healthcare access, median home price, and more.

In addition to this town is a wonderful retirement spot due to its strong economy with low crime rates, good weather year-round, beautiful views from waterfront homes or condos along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, and much more!

  • Rock Hill: Another great town for those looking into a more relaxed lifestyle would be Rock Hill. Although it may not have as many amenities or attractions compared to other cities, this doesn’t mean that you will struggle to find things to do here either. In fact, there are plenty of things going on all hours of the day and night, such as festivals around every corner, countless restaurants serving up mouthwatering Southern cuisine, and much more!

Also, keep in mind how close this city is to Charlotte, which makes it even easier when exploring what your options might be if considering relocating there. So whether you’re looking at moving near one of these two towns with family or friends nearby or perhaps taking advantage of living within driving distance to Charlotte and all the things that it has to offer, this city might be just right for you!

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  • North Charleston: With its rich history and outstanding food scene, Charleston has always been a popular destination for those looking to relocate. However, this city might not necessarily be where you’re going to find affordable living costs.

Renting an apartment within North Charleston, on the other hand, will most likely come with much more reasonable prices than what you would experience if moving here instead of one of these two towns we’ve already mentioned! This may be exactly what some people are searching for when wanting to consider finding somewhere they can move that won’t break their budget as well.

  • Columbia: While the capital city isn’t usually thought of when it comes to South Carolina, Columbia is still a popular place for many people to relocate given its history and wealth of colleges in this area which has helped contribute to the growth here.

However, just because you’re looking into moving to one of these locations doesn’t mean that your only options are going to be within cities themselves if you want affordable living costs! There are also quite a few towns around where some might find they can get their own apartment or home with much lower prices than what may come along with being right inside an urban center like Charleston would offer you.

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  • Greenville: Greenville has been a growing area for quite some time which is part of what makes it such an affordable place to live. Here, you can find everything from starter home costs that are going to be much lower than those in Columbia or even Charleston and have prices that could potentially be less expensive as well, with the only downside being if you’re looking into living right downtown, then this might not offer up all of the excitement that comes along with a city center location like what both Columbia and Charleston will give you access too.
  • Spartanburg: Spartanburg is one of the most affordable places to live in South Carolina for those looking into a smaller city location. This offers up some great starter homes with even more potential at being able to make this place your own over time as well, which can be something that you’re going to find very valuable if affordability and having options are your main concerns here.

Plus, you’re going to find that Spartanburg can offer up a lot of great features and amenities for those looking into the city as well. For example, this is one of the best areas within South Carolina when it comes to dining options and also other local businesses like bars, retail stores, etc.

Conclusion: No matter what your reasons are for looking into South Carolina, you’re going to find that it can offer up some great opportunities.