Window grants – what does the application process look like?

Energy prices are continuing to grow, together with our bills. That’s why more and more homeowners start to look for ways to lessen the impact of increased costs of living. One of the most effective methods is to become more energy efficient. To reach this goal, owners of residential properties need to replace draughty windows and doors with their energy efficient counterparts. It’s not an easy task, especially now when budgets are tight and households are already struggling to make ends meet.

Grants for windows and doors from the government are the most desirable and economical solutions. Taking advantage of them is the best way to upgrade the energy efficiency of our homes and lower the bills. What’s more, we don’t have to invest large sums of money to achieve our goal and enjoy a warmer and safer home for us and our children. 

Grants for uPVC windows and other types of replacement windows 

Above-mentioned grants are awarded by SEAI. SEAI is Ireland’s national sustainable energy authority which works with householders, businesses, communities and government to create a clean energy future. The authority drives Ireland’s sustainable energy transformation by providing a wide range of support in the field of innovation, education and financing. 

SEAI mainly focuses on:

  • Grants: The authority offers a range of grants and funding supports for homeowners, businesses and communities.
  • Home Energy: It provides homeowners with solutions to increasing their energy efficiency as well as comfort.
  • Community Energy: It changes the way communities think about energy and offers them support in introducing much-needed changes. 
  • Business and Public Sector: It helps Irish businesses in lowering their energy expenses while improving energy efficiency. 
  • Data and Insights: It collects and analyses data to give a better understanding of benefits coming from sustainable energy. 
  • Technologies: It supports development of clean energy technologies in Ireland. 

Grants – which scheme to choose?

These are the most suitable schemes for homeowners who are mainly interested in grants for uPVC windows as well as other types of replacement windows:

  • Fully Funded Energy Upgrade Grant
  • One-Stop Shop Service

Both schemes recognise the importance of energy-efficient windows and doors in the energy upgrade of residential properties. 

How does it work?

The Fully Funded Energy Enhancement Grant is a program that offers cost-free home improvements for energy efficiency to homeowners eligible for specific social assistance benefits. The main objective of the scheme is to provide the homeowners with a warmer and healthier home that is cheaper to run. An SEAI inspector evaluates the structures and suggests the most appropriate enhancements. These suggestions take into account factors such as the property’s age, dimensions, heating setup and overall property condition.

The One-Stop Shop Service stands out as the sole program permitting a comprehensive home energy enhancement, including:

  • Doors and windows
  • external and internal insulation of the building, 
  • heat exchange systems or thermal pump systems., 
  • photovoltaic modules, 
  • temperature management systems,
  • mechanical air circulation., 
  • heating setups

and numerous other elements. To get access to the grant, you have to cooperate with registered SEAI contractors, referred to as Shops. They assume responsibility for the full scope of the undertaking.

How to apply for grants for new windows?

The application procedures are relatively simple. Generally, they all include a very similar series of steps that may vary slightly, depending on the grant you are applying for. If you decide to apply for a Fully Funded Energy Upgrade Grant, you should:

  1. Read the “Scheme and Application Guidelines
  2. Complete the “Application Form” and, if relevant, the “Carers Allowance Confirmation Form
  3. Ask the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) to complete the relevant section of the application form 
  4. Submit your application via mail, dispatching it to: 

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

PO BOX 119


Co. Kerry

If you opt for One-Stop Shop Service, you ought to contact proper SEAI. You will find the list of all the providers on the SEAI internet page. 

Grants – get ready for the next edition 

Are you thinking about investing in new windows and doors for your home? Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from grants for windows and doors from the government in 2024. At Fenbro, we keep an eye on new guidelines and criteria and keep you updated. We also recommend you to follow websites of institutions responsible for the grants in order to send your application in time. 

How may we assistance you?

First of all, should you submit an application to SEAI for grants for replacement windows (or doors). They verify your application and check if you are eligible. Once your application is approved, an SEAI surveyor assesses your home to make energy upgrade recommendations. At this point, you can contact Fenbro Sales Team to ask for energy-efficient window and door models that meet the project requirements.

After the tasks have been finished, you’ll need documents proving the quality and technical parameters of the windows and doors you bought and installed. At this stage, we provide you with all required procurement documentation, which includes invoices, sales agreements, and product certifications.