What is the Average Time Frame For Selling a House in the UK?

The process of selling a house UK typically takes two to three months. It also depends on which city or state of the UK you have your property in. The waiting time is different for different regions in the UK.

House Selling Time Frame in Different UK Cities

Once your house is on the selling list of the UK, the process will take about a maximum of three months before you get your potential buyer. It is not going to be the same for all over the UK. In Oxford, a property that took the longest time before it sold was 152 days. In this city, a home usually takes 52 more than the UK time for selling a home. So it is going to be five months of time frame before you sell your property in Oxford city.

In the city of Middleborough, the average time of selling a home is 149 that is approximately

Five months but 3 days less than Oxford city. The same goes for the people selling their house in Slough. They might have to wait for about 148 days before they finally get a potential buyer. A property in the town of Blackpoll where the annual light festival takes place takes about 146 days before it gets sold out.

In England the waiting time before you sell your house in 138 days. Well, this is the actual waiting time because you might have to wait a little longer or you might get a buyer even before 138 days complete. This is just a random estimate of the waiting time frame.

Places Where Your House Sells Fast

If you have a property in Edinburgh that you want to sell right now then the process from the start before the deal gets signed is just 45 days. Yes, aren’t you surprised? Edinburgh in Glasgow and Dundee, the properties get sold out just after 47 days. It also depends on the condition of your property but if you compare the time frame of Edinburgh with other UK cities then having a property is better.

UK City With Oldest House Listings

There are cities in the UK where you are going to find the oldest property listings and the owners still haven’t been able to find the right buyer. There is an old property in Sunderland that got listed 4,60 days ago the means 133 months or 11 years.

Property in Leicester got on the list 3,115 days ago which means 102 months or 8 and a half years. Wakefield, in West Yorkshire also has a property that is still available on the selling list for about 2,944 days.

Try the Techniques For Selling House UK Fast

Here are a few techniques that might help you to sell your house fast in the UK:

1. Maintenance work

After getting listed in the house seller list, you need to check if your place needs any kind of maintenance work done. No buyer wants to move to a place that is broken.

2. Right worth of your house

Are you asking for the right amount for your property? After discussing this with the property broker you need to have a look at the figure you are asking for because the wrong figure is not going to help you in selling a house in the UK fast.

3. Have all the legal documents

Your deal might get canceled if you don’t have all the legal documents. After that, you will have to wait again before you get the documents ready. It would be better to get all the documents ready in time.

The Final Words

You have learned about the time frame of selling the house UK above. You might still have a few questions in your mind but you are hesitant to approach any broker, how about you get professional help from Mortgage Brokers Directory (MBD)? Well, we can guide you about the whole process, you will get the best advice while locking your deal with the seller or the buyer.

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