More about Evaporative Air Conditioning

When you live with hot summers it can be hard getting through the day without having relief from an air conditioner installed in your home. Often opening a window does very little apart from letting the hot air in, and fans than just move that air around. When you are looking at options for air conditioning systems one type is having an evaporative cooling installation, Melbourne. Here is a look at what this is, how it works, and what the benefits are to choosing this system over another.

What is evaporative cooling?

Also known in some places as a swamp cooler this type of system is a more economical option to cool your home. They use 50% less energy than traditional systems of cooling and are better for the environment as well as your bank account. Installation is easier than ducted air conditioning too.

How does evaporative cooling work?

The process of cooling via evaporation is one that has been around for thousands of years and happens naturally in many ways. When you hop out of a pool on a hot day you are likely to be dry by the time you grab a cold one. Dry air passes over the water on your absorbing and leaving you dry. Evaporative air conditioning takes the warm air in your home through a fan into the system when it is cooled using damp pads. That cooler air is then sent out to circulate through your home.

A closer look at the benefits of evaporative air conditioning in your home

1) It has better efficiency

When you are being hit with high bills thanks to the high energy costs in Australia it is understandable you are looking for a way to cool your home that is not costing you a lot of money. One of the big benefits of this form of cooling is that the running costs are much lower. In fact, compared to the more popular reverse cycle air conditioning can cost up to 90% more. 

2) It offers much improved air quality in the home

Another benefit people enjoy is the improved quality of the air they have in their home as a result. With other systems you are recycling the same air with all your windows shut up. With evaporative systems, you can still enjoy the benefits of fresh air in your home as it draws in air from the outside to cool then circulate through your home.

3) It is better for the environment in several ways

Other types of cooling can use chemicals that are not good for the environment whereas evaporative only uses water. Using less electricity to run means they are consuming fewer fossil fuels in the production of that electricity. There are no harmful refrigerants used that are man-made. On the other hand, refrigerated systems are part of the problem when it comes to greenhouse gases and damaging the ozone layer. Just one ducted system puts 1.5 tonnes of C02 a year into the atmosphere. You are only using a small amount of water for the evaporative system, less than your showers or using a washing machine even. About 15 litres of water over a whole day compared to 60 litres per wash for a front-loading washer.

4) An evaporative system is easy to look after

Another great thing about having this system installed is that it is very easy to look after. You can easily do some things yourself and then call in a qualified technician for yearly maintenance where they can check it is a peak efficiency. This is the best way to keep it running, maintain the low running costs and save money by avoiding expensive repairs and hot days because something small turns into a larger problem. The parts are also easy to find and there will be numerous services able to help you.

5) It offers homeowners several health benefits

There are a few health benefits to having evaporative air conditioning. It adds moisture to the air and this can help if you have dry skin and it is also good for people who have breathing issues. Allergy sufferers, people with asthma and so on. It is also filtered so it removes more pollen and impurities. It is not re-circulated air either so if you are sick you are still getting fresh air moving around the home.

6) It is quiet when you have it on

If you are looking for a system that is quiet when it operates then this is also a good choice. The last thing you need is for your cooling system to wake you up when you are trying to sleep or having it come on and disrupt you while you work from home. Evaporative systems are one of the quietest air conditioning types you can choose.

Installing evaporative air conditioners

The evaporative cooling installation Melbourne homeowners enjoy is quick, but it should be done by a professional and qualified technician. They need to install the rooftop unit, then the controller, water, ducting, and controller. The best way to have it done correctly, efficiently and with the least hassle and disruption in your home is to hire someone with experience. They are best able to assess what size system your home needs. Use a reputable service, check they offer good after-sales service and that there is a good warranty on the system too. 


If you are wondering if the evaporative system is good for you then you should know that it is only really suited to people living in areas where the climate is hot and dry. If you live where it is humid this is not the right air conditioning for you. Remember it works by putting water into the air so it is not effective in places where there is already a lot of that there. You should consider it if there is less than 60% humidity indoors where you live.