5 Perks of Having Shutters In Your Home

When you want to increase your home’s value or enjoy greater energy efficiency, you might think of updating your kitchen or installing solar energy. However, other essential updates might include installing shutters over your windows. Doing so can have various benefits that include protecting your home against UV rays or helping to protect your home against the intrusion of unwanted eyes.

Additionally, plantation shutters are among the most luxurious of shutters. They are sturdy, and they will not bend. Most people do not think of window treatments as an investment, but these types of shutters add measurable value to your home.

1. Insulation

Shutters provide your home an extra level of insulation against outdoor temperatures. For instance, during the summer months, when temperatures can be pretty hot, home shutters can help block waves of heat from entering your house. This extra layer of protection from the summer’s heat can help keep your cooling costs down. In terms of the cold winter months, shutters will also help keep cold drafts out of your home, resulting in warmer rooms and lower heating bills. Additionally, if your windows and their casings are not energy efficient, adding shutters to your home’s windows can be a brilliant and economical choice, as replacing all of your home windows can be extremely expensive.

Finally, shutters will also insulate your home against exterior noise. For instance, there is nothing worse than a noisy party disturbing your sleep at night or loud traffic sounds waking you from a daytime nap. Simply closing your shutters will reduce the level of exterior noise that would otherwise enter your home.

2. Reduce sunlight

Although Australia is known for its beautiful sunlight, bright light entering your home is not always desirable. For instance, sunny morning light streaming into your bedroom can be very annoying, especially on weekends. Sunlight can also ruin a fun afternoon movie marathon. Whether you want to completely block the sun’s rays or slightly dim the natural light in the room, installing shutters will give you the ability to control the amount of light that enters your rooms. Shutters are the best option for keeping out the sun’s light.

3. Privacy without compromising light

With shutters, you can enjoy greater privacy because you can position the louvers at various angles. Doing so blocks the ability of people outside to see inside. This becomes even more important if you live in a high-traffic community because people walking back and forth on the sidewalk might be able to casually glance in and see what it is you are doing. In this instance, the position of your shutters can prevent people from seeing inside because the slats might guide their view toward the ceiling.

However, the good thing about shutters is that even though they block people from seeing in, you can still enjoy the light coming in through the slats.

4. Aesthetics

Shutters look more modern than curtains. As such, they will complement your furnishings. Consequently, your home will always feel fresh and updated. With curtains or other types of dressings, you can find that the overall look can become dated. This modern aesthetic is critical when you want to sell your home or even have a party for friends. When you sell your home, you will find many potential home buyers who will see your shutters as a luxury. When you host parties, you will find that many people love your home, making you feel good.

5. Cleanliness

Curtains can capture dust in them, and this dust can be nearly impossible to remove unless you take down the curtains and either have them treated or wash them in a washer. Doing this, however, can introduce a lot of maintenance problems because curtains can wrinkle. Simply put, Brisbane Plantation Shutters are easy to maintain. All you need is a duster of some sort or even a wet wipe. When you merely brush the duster or wet wipe across the shutters, you are instantly treated to clean window treatments. You do not need to remove the shutters or re-install them after you are done cleaning them.


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