Quality Stone Slab Trends You Absolutely Must Try in 2022

New trends emerge every year, and 2022 has already shown us some exciting ones. Living standards in our personal and professional lives have improved much and got to the next level. Modern design and decorating trends have no choice but to adapt to these changes, producing hospitable, serene, and cozy work and living places.

The internal space and nature are now inseparably linked and dependent on each other. Natural woods and warm brown hues that radiate a sense of coziness, calm, and well-being, combined with exquisite, clean marble surfaces, are particularly popular.

Marble will always be a traditional and timeless material of choice, and people keep doing so. A recent marble trend is to go for an antique, old-world appearance. This aesthetic has dramatic veining, rust and gold tones that enhance the ancient design and hues.

In this article, read about some of the quality natural stone slab trends you absolutely must try in 2022.

Natural Stone Pavers

Paving stones, or pavers, are frequently used as outdoor flooring. Concrete, Clay, Porcelain, and Marble are the four materials that are frequently mentioned when seeking pavers. Although there are many diverse applications for these pavers, roads, sidewalks, patios, and walkways are where they are most frequently employed.

Natural stone has been chosen for its low water absorption, freeze-thaw endurance, and flexural strength in addition to its aesthetic appeal. It is accurately cut, calibrated, and polished with improved surface treatments, making it ideal for use as a patio slab.

Japandi Design

Japandi provides a unique minimalist fusion of previously Scandinavian and abstract Japanese interior design trends, which has been a consistent trend in recent years. Numerous plain natural components maintain the room’s equilibrium.

Natural elements, graceful shapes, sizable plants, natural light, and lovely textures surround a soothing neutral shade. Marble is a material that blends harmoniously with elegant, organic accents as well as with natural furniture made of rattan or bamboo. Marble is one of the materials that work perfectly in the Japandi style.

Biophilic Designs

Today, it is common for people to want to bring as much of nature inside as they can. This development has influenced biophilic design, which now incorporates natural materials like wood and marble as well as ventilation, plants, and natural lighting into construction and décor projects.

The prototype biophilic design enhances wellness, mood, and physical health, which boosts output and lowers stress levels. Architecture is primarily interested in the reuse and recycling of raw materials as well as the selection of materials with a long lifespan.

Our lives are defined by sustainability, and design is now environmentally friendly, reflecting a clear and tranquil mind. The new, natural, ecological environment is dominated by marble, a classic and attractive material.

Large Marble Tiles

The great trend of 2022 is enormous marble tiles applied to walls or floors because they convey the serenity of the natural material to both our indoor and outdoor environments. Another recent, popular trend is the use of marble in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, trays, stools, and bowls, as well as in furniture, dining rooms, and accessories.


You must follow the latest natural stone slab trends to make your house a perfect place for living. In order to equip your indoor or outdoor, choose the brand with the broadest range of natural stones, in varying sizes, thicknesses, and finishes, to choose up to your expectations and needs.

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