What You Need to Know about Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are created by alternating fabrics that are opaque and fabrics that are sheer to create a window treatment for your interior decorating needs. These blinds allow you to control the light that enters the room as well as maintain privacy in the room.

If you have been wondering about these blinds, or are just now discovering them, the following information will help you to understand them. You might even be inspired to add them to your home.,

Why choose Zebra Blinds?

The biggest reason why people choose these blinds to use as window treatments is that they are beautiful to look at. They give your window the final touch or trim that it needs. People like for their home interiors to look as good as they can, and they like for the items they use to be fashionable and affordable.

Zebra blinds are:

  • Customizable so they fit any window
  • They are capable of being placed in homes with contemporary décor or in homes with more traditional décor
  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • They are easy to install
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are affordable

Do they Provide Privacy?

The Zebra blinds are configured so they can be closed in a way that will block anyone outside of your home from being able to peer into your home.

The blinds are made of one continuous loop of fabric. The fabric alternates the sheer sections with the thicker and darker sections. When you have the blind in place and lowered over the window the ability to see inside the room is reduced by as much as 60%. 

When you adjust the blinds so that the sheer sections are overlapped by the other sections the privacy is increased to 100%. People outside of the home will not be able to look through the window and see anything.

Are Zebra Blinds hard to Install?

This type of blind is not difficult to install. They look complicated with their unique design, but they are as easy, if not easier to install than many traditional blind styles.

The blinds have versatile installation techniques that make them easy to fit on any window. Your first consideration before installing these blinds is to get precise measurements so you buy a set of blinds that will be a perfect fit for your space.

You can then install the blinds inside the mount or outside the mount depending on which look you are trying to achieve.

What are the Cons of Choosing these Blinds?

We all know that everything has good and bad points. We also know that what one person considers to be beautiful another person may find ugly or unappealing. So, these blinds do have some points that could possibly be seen as cons.

  • They are not great for use on windows that have unique or odd shapes.
  • They do require professional cleaning
  • They do not do well in areas with high moisture contents like in kitchens or bathrooms, or even in laundry rooms
  • They are not available at all retail merchants
  • The corded variety can pose a danger to small children or pets

What else should people know about zebra blinds?

These blinds are considered to be elegant and functional. They provide you with distinctive and unique window treatments.

These blinds can be corded for manual operation or you can purchase them with motorized controls that will raise and lower them. The motorized versions do cost a little more than the manually operated ones but in homes where there are pets or small children having the motorized versions will reduce the possibility of a severe injury.

These blinds do an excellent job of filtering the UV light that is coming through your windows. They allow enough light to come inside to help your room be illuminated but they block the harmful UV properties so your interior furnishings do not become faded or look weathered.

Heat Reduction:

Having these blinds covering your windows can reduce the amount of light streaming through the glass. The sunlight coming in through your windows can cause the inside of your home to heat up. The air conditioning system you have has to work harder to try and maintain a constant temperature when this happens. The zebra blind reduces the sunlight streaming in and ultimately makes it easier to cool and maintain your inside temperatures.

During the winter months when cold winds often seep in around your window casings and make it harder to keep your home warm and cozy these blinds provide you with an extra layer of insulation. The material insulates the glass and effectively reduces the possibility of a cold draft of air entering around your window panes.

Cleaning Concerns:

A lot of people get frightened when they learn that the fabric of these blinds will have to occasionally be professionally cleaned. You cannot simply take them down and toss them in your washing machine. You can, however, spot clean the blinds if they ever get a smudge or spot on them

You can dust the material with a duster and keep the dust from building up on the surface of the blinds. Dust is one of the major dirt contributors to all blinds so dusting the fabric regularly will help to alleviate the dirt settling on them.

You can also gently vacuum the fabric of the blind and remove dust that is accumulating on them. 

Occasionally, maybe twice a year you will want to take the blinds down and send them to a professional cleaner so they can thoroughly remove any dust or grime that might be accumulating on them.

Final Thoughts:

Zebra blinds are some of the newest innovations. They are often called dual blinds or combo blinds. They look like they are extravagant but they normally are very competitive in price with other blind styles. They do however create elegance and add a unique touch to the rooms they are used in. They are especially loved in bedrooms and living rooms around the world.

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