Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner for a Long Life

Have you ever imagined surviving without assistive equipment at home? It can be hectic to survive without assistive equipment like vacuum cleaners. Similarly, a vacuum cleaner helps maintain your house by keeping it clean and fresh. After using your vacuum cleaner will be best if you care for it to last longer. Besides, when you buy a vacuum cleaner, it comes with a manual that will guide you on maintaining the tool. Read on to discover tips for maintaining a vacuum cleaner you should never ignore:

  1. Ensure the Bag is Properly Attached

There are different brands of vacuum cleaners, and each has a unique way of attaching the bag. Remember, attaching the bag may look easy if you understand what you are doing. Besides, the method of attaching the bag will differ depending on the brand and size of the vacuum cleaner. But you must ensure that the tube is tight to the nozzle. If there are hooks or holders, it will help you fasten them firmly to the base to avoid the pipe coming off during clean-up. Remember, if you don’t fit the bag properly, the debris will come out and litter the room. Apart from attaching the load correctly, it will help if you buy the correct bag size and model. 

  1. Clean the Brush Rolls

Every part of the vacuum needs cleaning, but people forget to clean the brush parts, leaving them clogged. Similarly, with time, some items wrap around the roll, making it challenging to move around while cleaning, thus making your best vacuum not function properly. To clean the brush, you can remove the objects stuck in it to give it room to move around with ease. If you are comfortable removing the brush from the vacuum cleaner, you can remove it to deep clean it and then put it back. In addition, you can also clean the bearings and the cap to remove debris that is in it.

  1. Replace the Bag

After some time, the bag will become loose, and it will not fit well to the base of the vacuum. Similarly, you can replace the pack when it is three-quarters full to avoid jamming due to a heavy load. Remember, debris needs room to enter the bag; the remains can only get the room if you empty the ones inside. Also, cleaning with a full sack prevents your vacuum cleaner from working efficiently. Moreover, some signs can guide you to know when the bag is full. Those signs are:

  • Finding debris in a vacuumed area
  • Weak suction of the cleaner 

Alternatively, you can go for a less clean bag to see the amount of debris trapped inside the canister. 


Buying a vacuum cleaner helps if you go for quality brands. A quality brand will save you the hustle of looking for a technician to repair the machine. Besides, you can visit online sites and look for the best vacuum cleaner available. After finding the best cleaners in the market, it is best to go with the ones that give you the best price without compromising quality. 

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