5 Rare Exotic Freshwater Fish to Keep At Home Aquarium

Before buying any underwater inhabitants, learning how to keep and feed them is extremely important. Whether you are a beginner looking forward to pet fish or a pro aquarist searching for rare exotic freshwater fish for his home aquarium, you need to learn various methods of keeping freshwater fish since each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

The first thing while getting started is to keep in mind that keeping any aquatic creature in captivity can be expensive, especially the exotic ones and you must make sure that some of the exotic fishes can be in the list of ugliest fish in the world. However, many people find it difficult to get exotic freshwater fish for sale online. This is because they don’t know the right platform to find rare exotic freshwater fish for sale

Now you might be thinking about where you can find the rare fish market or what is the rarest fish you can own. Hold on for a while; you have landed in the right place, as here is a compiled list of 5 rare exotic freshwater fish to keep at the home aquarium. Ready to dive in? 

  • Discus

Are you looking for an extremely rare fish to keep in your home aquarium? If yes, then Discus should be your choice. It is a popular type of exotic aquarium fish that can survive in almost all water conditions. For those who are looking to buy tropical fish online, Discus is the best option to choose as this fish is easy to care for and emits calm behavior in well-planted aquariums. 

Discus is one of the most stunning fish originating from the Amazon River Delta, and it quickly became the most popular choice of aquarists. Discus is a friendly and beautiful freshwater fish, making them ideal for aquariums. However, it could be a bit difficult for beginner-level aquarists to manage these notorious fish species. Discus can be fed with tropical flakes, shrimp pellets, and seaweed flakes. 

  • Flowerhorn Cichlid

Looking for the rarest freshwater fish in North America? Go for Flowerhorn Cichlid.The Flowerhorn Cichlid is another rare and exotic choice for aquariums. This fish has a set of beautiful, colorful scales on their body that shine brighter in the light. In terms of visual captivation, Flowerhorn Cichlid beats all other fish species as it is vibrant and active in the aquarium. 

While being all wonderful and stunning from the outside, Cichlid is an aggressive fish species and can get prone to aggression if its territory is invaded. So, if you plan to have more than one Flowerhorn in your fish tank, provide them with more and equal space. A tank size of almost 200 gallons will accommodate 2 or more Flowerhorn easily without making them aggressive. You can feed your Flowerhorn Cichlid with frozen foods like shrimps, white worms, and grasshoppers.

  • Zebra Plecos

Are you searching for the coolest freshwater fish for your home aquarium? If yes, then you can consider Zebra Plecos. Borrowing the name from the wild-life zebra, Zebra Pleco stands out from the rest of the water species due to its black-and-white striped body. This fish species is easily recognizable and known as a popular hardy fish. 

Native to the Amazon, Zebra Plecos live in rocky areas, so it is important to keep plenty of rocks in your fish tank. Pleco doesn’t like to socialize and prefers to stay within the caves, indicating that it is an introverted species. You can feed the Zebra Pleco with shrimps and worms as they tend to be more active on a protein diet. 

  • African Butterfly Fish

Tired of searching, what is the coolest fish to own? Well, the African butterfly fish is one of the coolest freshwater fish you can own. It is a small fish that can grow up to 6 inches long. This fish has a silvery color, a large head, and a protruding jaw. If you are getting started with your fish-keeping hobby, African butterfly fish can be a nice addition to your fish tank. 

African butterfly fish have smooth skin and small scales. It is docile fish and can spend hours of the day in the same area of the aquarium. The unique African butterfly fish is often called the sea butterfly because it covets its wings ​​from afar. It usually feeds on brine shrimp and bugs, and you can easily find them at fish stores online

  • Arowana

Arowana can be found in most tropical and warm freshwater environments. They are often kept in large aquariums or ponds. Arowana is a rare exotic fish type, usually also called dragon fish. The head of Arowana is quite bony and elongated, and the whole body is covered with large scales. This fish type is found in a wide range of colors, making it an incredible choice for home aquariums. 

Arowana is pretty good in size and has strong fins. These fins help it to make quick casts while hunting for prey. From the surface of the water, Arowana can make long jumps up to a height of over a meter. So if you consider petting them, keep a heavy lid over the aquarium. To keep the predator Arowana active in the tank, you can feed them with small fish, shrimps, snails, and worms. 

A Quick Rundown!

Finding a rare aquarium fish could be one of the most difficult tasks for a fish keeper. However, while ordering live fish online with Aquatic Arts, you may not have to deal with such challenges. If you are an aquarium hobbyist, do not forget to bookmark this article before leaving the page.