How to brighten up your home for sparkling New Year?

With the holidays fast approaching, every homeowner is going to want their house to look picture perfect and beautiful! While home improvements can often cost thousands and thousands of pounds, there are quite a few ways to upgrade their home without breaking the bank! Here are some ways to make your home look better and brighter for a sparkling New Year; your house will end up looking so gorgeous, you might just start looking at a free house valuation online!

 All it takes is a fresh coat of paint

 Sometimes, all it takes to make your home look brighter and better is a fresh coat of paint! You don’t even need to hire professionals; just ask your friends and family to lend you a helping hand. While most people do repaint the interiors often, most tend to forget about the exteriors. This new year, make sure to repaint the interiors and exteriors of your home to make it look spotlessly new.

 Work on your garden

 Who doesn’t love a beautifully landscaped garden? A freshly landscaped garden can really make a home look beautiful! Consider adding seasonal flowers and greenery to your garden, something that is easy to maintain and looks good to the eye. If you have the space, you can always make a little kitchen or herb garden. In fact, a herb garden on a balcony or terrace will also add a wow factor to your home. Once your garden looks lush and green, add a few lawn chairs or maybe create a makeshift fireplace to enjoy your new space.

 Clean, clean, clean

Forget spring cleaning; let’s talk about winter cleaning. The easiest and most effective way to make your home look brighter is by cleaning. Get rid of any clutter – that includes those old cushions you’ve been meaning to fix, old decor items you no longer use, broken sofas and unstable tables. Make sure to clean the windows, the mirrors, the bathroom and the kitchen! Get rid of all the clutter to make your home look bigger and brighter! It might take you three or four days to thoroughly clean your home, but the end result will definitely be worth it!

 Add more lighting

 You can never have too much light in the house! The best way to add light to your home is by allowing natural light to enter. You can replace your thick curtains with sheer curtains – this is one of the easiest ways to allow natural light to enter. By doing so, your home will not only look brighter, but it will look much bigger too. If you do not have a natural light source, consider adding more light fixtures to your home. Now is a good time to invest in a beautiful chandelier for your living room, or maybe a really chic chandelier for the dining area! Add floor lamps and table lamps to brighten up your space.

 Declutter and rearrange

 To make your home look better, you need to declutter. Remove anything that you no longer require – you might have to go through your storage boxes and filled cabinets to really clear out the clutter. Then, you need to put away the things you no longer use. Once you have lesser things to work with, rearrange the furniture to make your home look brighter and better! Sometimes, it takes a little bit of moving things around to make the space look totally different.

 Create a colour pop with art

 Artwork is a great way to make your home look bright and lively. If the interior decor of your home essentially consists of neutral colours and classic solid colours, adding some artwork with a pop of colour is a great idea. You don’t even have to spend too much money on the art – it’s all about what looks good. If you want to make it fun and innovative, you could get together with your family to create small pieces of artwork, which you can then hang as a collage on a wall.

Put plants everywhere

 Plants really help brighten up a home. Think indoor plants, outdoor plants, small succulents in the bathroom and tall greenery for the living room. To really add a wow factor with plants, you can use unique planters and pot holders to further act as decor. Again, these plants and planters can be used to add a pop of colour and make your living space look brighter and happier.

Use mirrors as decor

Mirrors are a great way to brighten up a home and make it look livelier. The best way to use mirrors is by placing a mirror near a light source, that way, the light can bounce off the mirror to make your home look bigger and happier. Mirrors can essentially be used to create an illusion of additional space and make a dark area look better.

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