Are You A Coffee Lover? Here’s How To Make The Perfect Cup


Coffee is one of the most consumed hot beverages in the world and easily the most consumed hot beverage in the western world. Though just like many mainstream and loved things, there are many of its types that you can make, many ways in which you can make them, and even more ways that you can customize each style to suit your particular taste.

While it is great for coffee lovers that there are readily available products and coffee machines that can make them their favorite drink in a matter of seconds, it can be overwhelming to choose from such a large selection. Moreover, most of them are master coffee makers themselves because they fell in love with coffee due to a coffee shop. Somehow, these small establishments are able to carve up the most amazing brews that we never seem to be able to replicate at home. Even when we make one in a pint-sized mug at home, it isn’t quite as satisfying as what the barista serves at the coffee shop.

A lot goes into making a solid cup of coffee, and one of the main ingredients is practice. Here is a fool-proof method for you to make a scrumptious cup every time.

1.  The Coffee

When it comes to the types of coffee, you are looking at either an Arabica bean or a Robusta bean. These are the two main types of beans that are most commonly used in coffee though there are some variations that you can also find, which are basically going to be these same beans in varying qualities. There are other types that are indigenous to certain areas, and you can’t find them anywhere else, but you will most likely not be using one of these anyway. While the beans are relatively easy to sort out, there is an even more comprehensive selection of the form that you want the bean in and how you intend to use it. A huge selection of beans has been processed to be used in specific processes, so make sure you get something that suits your needs.

2.  Equipment

The equipment you will get really boils down to the kind of coffee you want to make and how elaborate you want to get in your approach. A lot of the things that are done by commercial coffee machines can be done by hand, but it requires a lot more work. If you don’t have a particular favorite and enjoy all kinds of coffee, you could consider finding the best Dolce Gusto machine that you can afford and making an investment. It’s going to be a one-time expense, but it will allow you to make a wide variety of coffee with minimal effort and consistent quality every time. Dolce Gusto machines also accommodate a wide variety of coffee in order to prepare whatever you feel like having, so if you have some that won’t work in another machine, you can probably use it in the Dolce Gusto. Other than the machine, you might want to invest in a nice coffee mug, and that’s about it.

3.  Cleanliness

One of the worst things you can taste is coffee residue or burnt coffee. It has a brilliantly foul smell which is extremely pungent and ruins the entire batch of the drink. Moreover, if you live in an area that has hard water, or water full of minerals, then you need to keep an eye out for scaling. While scaling doesn’t have too much of an impact on the quality of the beverage, it can be very harmful to the machine. If the deposit is quite heavy and it starts to chip off the machine, it can make for a very unappetizing blend when you taste a really crispy bit in your mouth that tastes like chalk and dust at the same time.

4.  Temperature

This is more important for those that are making coffee by hand that you need to ensure that the water isn’t too hot. The water needs to be at just the right temperature to extract maximum flavor.

One of the big reasons why we enjoy coffee from a shop or even a small one-man business is because it is made fresh and served hot. If you let your drink sit too long, you will notice that it loses flavor and its texture as well. Moreover, the cup in which it is served also has an impact on the flavor. Try to go for a crystal or ceramic cup even when making it at home, as this gives the best flavor. The worst cup you could use would be a cardboard or styrofoam cup, which completely ruins the coffee with its own scent.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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