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Many homeowners choose to surround their properties with fences. Some do so for safety and security reasons whereas others simply want a little more privacy than an open yard can provide. For certain homeowners, fences are decorative additions. In many instances, they’re a requirement. Whether using a fence to spruce up a property or keep prying eyes outside where they belong, choosing the right fence for the situation isn’t necessarily easy. With all the fencing materials on the market, it’s often difficult to determine which one best meets the needs at hand. Understanding the ups and downs of the available materials can help make the choice simpler. 

Looking at the Different Types of Fencing Materials

Several types of fencing are at homeowners’ disposal. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages. Take a look at the following materials and some of their finer points to help you decide which one will meet your needs, expectations, and budget. Then, check out some of the possible fence styles from northlandfence.com to further aid in your purchasing decision.


Wood fences are available in a range of styles. Different types of wood can be used in their construction as well with one of the most common being cedar. Wood fences offer a certain amount of security and can provide ample privacy depending on the style. Some types of wood are better than others. Cedar, for example, produces a substance that helps protect it against pests and the elements. Wood fences can last as long as 20 years before needing to be replaced. They require a great deal of maintenance along the way, though.

Wrought Iron

In most cases, wrought iron fences are more decorative than functional. Though some can help keep pets and children inside and intruders outside, they offer little in the way of privacy. Still, there are numerous beautiful versions of these fences, and they can truly enhance the look of a property. Wrought iron is extremely durable and can last for decades or even centuries. It’s not the least expensive material, but its longevity should certainly be considered. It requires a small amount of light maintenance, such as sanding and repainting if it starts to show signs of rust.


Vinyl is another popular fencing material. It resists corrosion and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. If it starts to look a bit worse for wear, simply wash it down, and it’ll look as good as new. Vinyl fences have been known to last 20 or 30 years under the right conditions. They’re not vulnerable to termites and other pests, and they’re impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. These types of fences are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some are more decorative whereas others are designed with privacy in mind. Some even offer both elements. 

Choosing the Perfect Fence for Your Property

These are some of the most popular types of fences. Vinyl is often less expensive to install, and the cost of the material itself is comparable to that of wood. Wood requires more maintenance than other options, and it doesn’t last as long as some other materials. Wrought iron is durable and can last indefinitely, but it’s one of the more expensive materials and isn’t the best solution for security or privacy. Keep these points in mind when considering the different types of fences. Doing so will help you choose the perfect one for your property.

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