How Much Does A Home Extension Cost?

Is your home no longer meeting your needs in terms of space? Do you plan on adding another bedroom or storage room? Such a project is known as a home extension where you add space to your original home. It could be outdoors or indoors.

As you plan for this project, one aspect you must figure out is costs. You want to have this money before your project starts to prevent stalling. But how much does a home extension cost?

Here are the Factors That Impact Extension Costs:

The Professionals You Need

According to Sherbrooke home extension services, the design of your home extension determines the professionals you need. A complex design such as adding another floor to your house will require a structural engineer. The engineer will ensure that the extension doesn’t compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Complex designs might also need an architect to draw plans to ensure the new space’s functionality. However, a contractor is one of the professionals you need despite the design complexity. They’ll construct your home extension. Some contractors won’t only build your project but also design your desired outlook. Such contractors are cheaper compared to hiring a professional for each job.

In general, the more professionals your project needs, the more expensive your project will cost you. Also, it’s important to note that these professionals will charge differently for their services. Therefore, you need to do your research before settling on one. Consider requesting quotes and comparing the costs. If you settle for expensive contractors, you’ll incur more. However, don’t hire professionals whose services are quite cheap as quality might be an issue. Settle for affordability.

The Scope Of Work

What amount of work does your home extension require? This is the scope of work. Your project could only involve adding walls and a floor to your existing external walls to make a bedroom or storage room. Here, there might be no need for deep excavation since less load is transferred to the ground.

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Exterior Of Modern House With Extension

On the other hand, suppose your additional space is a garage and you have quite the collection. There’s a probability you need a foundation, a process that’s lengthy and quite involving.

All in all, when there’s a lot to be done, you’ll need many workers, and the work will require intense labor. As a result, you’ll pay more in wages.

The Materials You Use

Your home extension project will require different construction materials. The materials you’ll need directly impact the cost of your project. Here, the cost of the materials depends on several factors.

One factor is the quality of the materials. High-quality materials are more expensive than low-quality ones; they’re associated with longevity, which isn’t far from the truth. Consider adopting high-quality materials despite the high initial costs. They’ll be cheaper in the long run since you won’t need to repair or replace them as with low-quality ones.

The other factor is the vendor from whom you source your materials. Vendors will sell similar construction materials for various reasons. Therefore, if you buy from an expensive vendor, the project cost will be high; the reverse applies if you buy from an affordable one.

Lastly, the cost of the materials you use also depends on their availability. Locally available materials are cheaper compared to those you have to import. Therefore, if your chosen materials for the home extension need importing, expect your project cost to be high.

The Location Of Your Project

There are various ways your home extension’s location determines the project’s cost. One way is regulations. In some neighborhoods or regions, you require permits to do a home extension, mainly depending on the scope. In most cases, you must pay for the permits, adding to your project cost. Therefore, before starting the project, visit your municipal council and inquire if your project requires a permit.

The other aspect is the location of the project in your compound. Suppose you want to add a gym. It requires a foundation and excavation. Your compound probably has utility lines, from conduits to pipes. Your project shouldn’t in any way interfere with them. If it does, you’ll need to work with the utility suppliers to move them or find a way around them. These services often don’t come for free. You’ll require to pay these service providers, adding to your project cost.


A home extension project is important since you want to meet a need your current home doesn’t meet. Therefore, you want to see it through to the end. One of the things that’ll help you realize your project is money. As stated earlier, minimal funds can stall your project, which you don’t want. Therefore, you want to know the cost of your home extension project and avail of the funds before starting.

The article above has made this process easier. It discusses the factors that determine the cost of a home extension. With this insight, you know what to look at as you estimate your project costs to avoid running into a deficit. Highly consider using the insight; you’ll easily execute your project and make conscious cost-related decisions.

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