Alternatives to Sending Old Furniture to the Landfill

Getting new furniture is always exciting for homeowners and renters, but it does present an immediate problem of figuring out what to do with the old furniture. Many people conclude incorrectly that sending it to a landfill is their only choice.

Not only is this assumption untrue, but it is hazardous to the environment as well. The United States is simply running out of landfill space to store waste, and especially large and bulky items like furniture.

Start by Inquiring with the Local Waste Management Company or Scrap Yard

Most community-based waste management companies do not have the equipment or space to accept unwanted furniture placed at the curb on trash pick-up day. People should always check with their contracted waste management company first before going to the trouble of carrying unwanted furniture to the curb.

Some communities host bulk pick-up days a few times a year or are willing to pick up unwanted furniture if the customer calls in advance and pays an additional fee.

Bringing unwanted furniture to a local scrap yard is another option for homeowners and renters if they cannot arrange for pickup from their regular waste management company. Scrap yards are also more likely to accept old furniture containing metal.

Anyone considering this option will need to contact the scrap yard by phone or email to inquire whether it can accept they items before just dropping them off at the business. Keep in mind that scrap yards may charge a fee to accept old furniture.

Try to Sell or Give Away Unwanted Furniture

Buying new furniture is expensive, but one way that people can offset the cost is to try to sell their old furniture. Some popular ways to do this are holding a garage sale, placing an ad on Craig’s List, or inquiring with family or friends.

People should not expect to earn much of their original investment back when selling furniture. Pricing it low and earning something from the transaction is better than earning nothing.

Homeowners and renters could also consider giving away the old furniture to people in need. Secondhand stores like the Goodwill or the Salvation Army typically accept these types of donations, although people donating the furniture usually need to deliver it themselves.

They can also check with local churches and charities to see if they know of any families in need that could benefit from gently used furniture.

Contact a Junk Hauler

When people just want to get rid of old furniture without the hassle or trying to deliver it to someone else, scheduling a pick-up from a junk hauler can be an ideal solution. Junk haulers have large trucks that can fit furniture and much more in a single load, potentially saving homeowners and renters several trips to the dump. Their employees also do all of the heavy lifting.

Employees of junk hauling companies recycle any parts of old furniture that they can and are committed to keeping loads out of landfills. When that is not possible, the company will donate the old furniture to a charitable organization and have an employee deliver it personally.

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