Can A Locksmith Open A Deadbolt?

Families give priority to their safety at home, so locking the door before they go to bed at night is something they do. Most homes have only the most basic design of doorknobs, but a single lock isn’t usually enough to protect the house and the people inside. 

Simple, inexpensive changes to your exterior doors can help you secure your home and family. One such change is installing a deadbolt lock with a single cylinder. 

A deadbolt lock can provide more security than an ordinary doorknob lock.

What Is A Deadbolt?

Installing a deadbolt on your existing doors can also be completed in minutes with the help of a locksmith who has the right tools and experience. Again, this hardware won’t require you to replace your doors.

Its defining characteristic is a hardened steel bolt that extends from the doorjamb into the doorframe, and locks via a strike plate inside the doorframe. 

Various types of deadbolts are available, but most people use the single-cylinder deadbolt with a twist knob for opening and closing on the inside, and an external key on the outside. There are fewer double-cylinder deadbolts, but they offer greater security since you have to open/close them from both inside and outside your door with a unique key. 

A deadbolt lock is the best type of lock for adding security to a home. Installing a deadbolt is easy and provides superior protection. In addition, it’s hard for a burglar to force entry because a key can only unlock it.  

Brute force, bumping, and lock picking are common methods for entry to single-latch locks. However, deadbolt locks offer greater security as they can’t be picked or kicked in easily with typical burglary tools.

Who Can Open A Deadbolt

To make sure you can safely and quickly open your door if you’ve lost your keys, you should contact a professional locksmith.

You might feel the instinct to try and open the door yourself. However, regardless of how appealing this idea might seem at the time, you shouldn’t do it. You’ll simply damage the door without the proper tools and training.

Get A Locksmith 

Finding out you can’t open your home’s door without a key can be frustrating. The easiest and fastest way to perform this task is to call a professional locksmith. They’ll be able to open your door without a key in no time. 

Deadbolt locks aren’t nearly as easy to open as they appear in real life. A professional locksmith can open your door with the right tools and training in no time. Since deadbolts lack springs, you can’t jimmy them open with a knife or a credit card. They only move when you turn the mechanism, so it’s challenging for outsiders to gain entry through them. 

Locksmiths are on call all hours to help with home deadbolt lockouts. So, whether you’ve lost your keys, or your key won’t turn or locked out, calling a locksmith is the easiest and quickest way to regain access to your home. 

Deadbolt lockouts can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially if you have pets or children inside that need assistance or if dinner is in the oven. One can’t pick a deadbolt like a standard home lockout. You can force a spring lock, but not a deadbolt. You can stop people from simply breaking the lock, but it also discourages people from breaking it to begin with. 

A deadbolt lockout can be stressful; thus, you’ll need a reliable emergency locksmith service for it. Also, there are times when a key may fail to open a locked door, desk drawer, or other secured areas—once more, the same kind of service would be your best option. 

A professional locksmith guarantees every customer the right solution to their lock problems regardless of the deadbolt’s make, model, or brand. But, for sure, nothing can give you more peace of mind than knowing that your property is in good hands. 

All In All

Deadbolts offer greater security than standard locks, and burglars can’t pick them up with standard tools, nor can they be kicked in without substantial effort. Therefore, most home invaders will avoid houses with deadbolts to protect themselves.  

When installed properly by a licensed and reputable locksmith, a deadbolt lock provides you with better security than a doorknob. While the latter offers convenience, the former provides protection. 

If you find issues with your deadbolt, it should be in your best interest to call a professional locksmith rather than try to break in or DIY it. By doing so, you’ll save time and frustration.

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