The best 2022 trends for design modern light fixtures

The increasingly innovative lighting design solutions have given lighting a central role in the world of furniture. It is therefore not surprising that the trends in this sector greatly influence every other choice in terms of home decor.

Choosing design modern light fixtures based on materials, lines, shapes and colors is therefore essential to create a perfect house with an impeccable appearance. How to do it? Studying next year’s trends and refurbishing spaces with a single gesture.

Is changing the light fixtures enough to be fashionable?

Well, it actually is. It is not necessary to revolutionize the entire home furnishings to renovate slightly tired and dull rooms. Just change the atmosphere with designer lamps and chandeliers, created by the best companies that mix beauty and functionality such as

Here are some tips for choosing the items that will illuminate your home in 2022 and advices on how to use them for years to come.

Choose metallic modern light fixtures

Design lamps and chandeliers with metallic shimmers have two important functions. On one hand, they make the piece of furniture as lean as possible, simple and minimal, so that it can be used in different styles of furniture. On the other hand, they reflect the light in a thousand flashes of brass, steel and other metal elements.

You can choose cage-effect chandeliers or very simple metal floor lamps with the same safety and freedom. Rest assured that they will be fashionable for years to come and can easily adapt to the future changes in your home.

Artistic geometrical shapes

While materials can be simple, industrial, even rough, it is on the shapes that the designers apply their mastery. Stolen from art deco or interpreted in a post-modern way, the circles, triangles, lines and curves take on a new meaning in objects that are small works of art.

2022 is the right year to dedicate to curves: ovals, spheres and circles will surround our spaces making them more harmonious, soft and welcoming. This is why design modern light fixtures reminiscent of spheres, plates and airy balloons are all the rage.

Futuristic solutions

The purest geometric shapes are always in fashion, but every year the inspiration of designers and light artists creates more innovative lamps and chandeliers. You will find hourglasses and clouds, glass festoons and metallic tangles surrounding the light and spreading it throughout the space.

To take advantage of the wave of extravagance as much as possible, you can also focus on custom chandeliers. Modular systems or lamps made to measure for you and the spaces you want to illuminate will give an extremely personal touch to the home.

Sustainability is the queen of design

For some years now, innovationhas gone hand in hand with sustainability and awareness of the environmental problem. Many manufacturers of modern light fixtures have incorporated these values ​​into their collections, creating beautiful and eco-friendly objects.

There are several ways to make the lighting in your home more sustainable:

  • choose lamps and chandeliers made from recycled materials;
  • illuminate the rooms with low consumption LED bulbs;
  • choose a battery-powered lamp system for the less inhabited areas of the house.

None of these choices require you to give up on glitz and glamour: you can follow trends and be good for the environment at the same time.

Humna Chaudhary
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