Text Your Way to Customer Care With Hitachi Cooling & Heating, India

Large parts of India experience diverse temperatures ranging from sweltering heat to extreme cold or humid climates. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Indian market for air conditioners is growing at a brisk rate.

Hitachi Air Conditioners have been one of the frontrunners in this market, with customers preferring to buy from the range of air conditioning solutions offered by the firm. However, gaining customers’ trust and satisfaction does not solely depend upon delivering quality air conditioning alone. It must be backed up with equally good customer service.

While providing top quality legacy air conditioners have long been a forte of Hitachi air conditioners, the company has been continuously improving its customer care services reflecting its firm commitment and pursuit for achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

The company has implemented a robust system to manage various aspects of customer support and care.

  • Voice Support
  • IVR

A customer can use the interactive voice response system, or IVR, to book common aftersales service requests like AC cleaning, repairing, installation, etc. The IVR presently supports English, Hindi, and a few south Indian languages.

  • Inbound Calls

The company has a dedicated call centre to attend calls from the customers at any time.

  • Connect Through Text

Customers can now easily connect to customer care by texting through different mediums.

  • Email

You can send an email to customercare@jci-hitachi.com about the issues you are facing with your AC unit. You will immediately receive a mail from the company acknowledging your email. The internal process of grievance resolution will immediately begin and will remain active unless your issue is sorted and closed.

  • WhatsApp

With the introduction of WhatsApp chats, a customer can easily connect with the customer service centre of the company. The WhatsApp number of Hitachi Cooling & Heating, India is 756788-4848

Just send “hi” on WhatsApp to the following number to activate the automatic chatbot. Follow the onscreen instructions as per your requirement.

  • Online Chat System

Tech-savvy customers who prefer minimum human conversation can use the webchat facility available on the company’s official website. 

The webchat is highly interactive, with different options to choose from. You can choose the “I need customer support” option and proceed further as per your need. The webchat system can save a lot of waiting time for the customers by quickly getting directed to the correct link.

  • National Service Center

All the complaints and grievances of the customer are routed and managed through the National Service Center (NSC) that integrates different automated and non-automated channels and software so that none of the customer grievances goes unnoticed.

The NSC has a dedicated Escalation Management Vertical that is equipped to track the following channels of escalation.

  • Connect to Management

You can escalate your complaint through the customer escalation channel provided on the company’s website. You can initially connect to a service manager at level 1 to resolve your issues. 

If unresolved, you can escalate your complaint up to the executive director- Service. However, you will probably not need to escalate as complaints are tackled and closed at the primary level in most cases.

  • Social Media

The company recognizes the power of social media and tries to utilize it for complaint redressal through the following steps.

  1. The customer posts his complaint on any social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
  2. The online crawling tool implemented by the company captures the customer concerns.
  3. The complaint is immediately acknowledged on social media.
  4. A ticket is raised and assigned to NSC.
  5. The Online Reputation Management Team of NSC contacts the customer and updates the escalation.
  6. Steps are taken to resolve the customer’s complaint as early as possible.

While the new Hitachi Hot & Cold AC is designed to provide comfort all around the year, the customer support works tirelessly in the background so that you get a seamless experience. 

With the opening of various texting options to register complaints, the user experience is expected to increase in terms of satisfaction and value for money.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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