How much does a level 2 chimney inspection cost?

“How much does a level 2 chimney inspection cost?” is a common question among home and business owners who have fireplaces or wood stoves. Even though the National Fire Protection Association recommends annual chimney inspection, a substantial majority of homeowners do not fulfill this mandate because they do not know how much a level 2 chimney inspection costs. 

What is a level 2 chimney inspection?

A level 2 chimney inspection is the second of the three levels of chimney inspections outlined by the National Fire Protection. The level of inspection depends on the circumstances that trigger the need for one. The inspection process usually increases in complexity, with the third level being the most complex. 

A level 2 chimney inspection is more sophisticated than a level 1 inspection, but simpler than a level 3 inspection. During a level 2 chimney inspection, a Certified Chimney Sweep conducts a visual inspection to analyse the interior parts of the chimney and identify visible damages. The level 2 inspection usually follows incidences of earthquakes, fires or storms believed to have caused damage to the chimney.

Average Cost of a level 2 chimney inspection 

How much a level 2 chimney inspection costs depends on multiple factors observed during the inspection process. Some of these factors include; the chimney design, how it is installed, degree of maintenance, and the extent of damage 

In addition, factors like chimney size, and the presence of multiple flues are other elements a certified chimney sweep should consider when determining how much a level 2 chimney inspection should cost. 

A survey conducted by the National Fire Protection Association found that the national average cost of a level 2 chimney inspection is $300 for single flue chimneys and $100 for a chimney with four flues. A majority of homeowners interviewed in the survey claimed that they spend $450 for a level 2 inspection involving two flues. 

When should you conduct a level 2 chimney inspection?

Certain incidents require a level 2 chimney inspection procedure. Homeowners should contact a chimney expert after an earthquake, bad storm or fire, even if the chimney doesn’t look damaged from the outside.

A second degree inspection is also necessary if you suspect a build-up of creosote or presence of pests. How much a level 2 chimney inspection costs depends on the degree of damage from the existing build up. 

A level 2 chimney inspection is also recommended before buying or selling a home or business premise with a fireplace. 

While many homeowners would rather save a few bucks than call a chimney expert, a self-inspection of your chimney is oftentimes not a good idea. Some damages may not be obvious to you as much as they will be to a professional. 

A chimney expert will correctly determine the level of inspection your chimney requires and recommend the necessary cleaning services. 

No matter how great your chimney looks, do not overlook the need for an annual inspection. Remember, how much any level of inspection costs depends on how well you respond to your chimney’s needs. 

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